Justice Scalia

Thanks To This Man, The United States Was Saved From Soros Activities

The George Soros hacks did a lot more than just show what the billionaire globalist and his progressive organization were emailing about. It also showed that his group attempted to influence a Supreme Court decision that would have greatly affected the political landscape.

Illegal Immigration is a hot issue. There isn’t any denying that. Well our lovely President decided to try and make an Executive order that would have granted millions of illegal immigrants legal status and work permits. The lower courts had overturned this issue, but the President was adamant in trying to make this go through.

Naturally this had to go to the Supreme Court. The case was United States v. Texas and it was “a challenge to a Department of Homeland Security program to provide undocumented immigrant parents of U.S. citizen children temporary protection against involuntary removal.”

Essentially they wanted to make the illegal immigrants legal. Well you can see why that would be bad. But this is where Soros comes in.

Thankfully A Hacker Revealed The Truth To The American People
Thankfully A Hacker Revealed The Truth To The American People

His group began trying to prepare for an “agreeable outcome.” That means that they wanted the Supreme Court to rule in favor of President Obama Executive Order. In a memo that was dated back in February of 2016, it addressed the 14-group member advisory board of U.S. Operations.

Stated in the memo, “The challenges going forward—magnified by harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric in the 2016 presidential campaign and an expected wave of punitive bills at the state level—will be to move beyond reacting to events and regain footing to begin executing a more forward-leaning strategic course. Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v. Texas, and using the case to redefine messaging and align the movement.”

The most important sentence in that memo is the one that states that, “Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruing in U.S. V. Texas, and using the case to redefine messaging and align the movement.”

Right there Soros and his group want to change the way that the United States feels about illegal immigration. They want to open the borders and let in everyone and anything they can. That absolutely cannot happen. They want to open the land for literally everyone to come in.

Soros 2
Soros Wanted To Buy The Supreme Court Decision To Directly Benefit Him

The more people that come in, the less jobs that are available for the naturalized citizens of the United States. But even though it would be bad for the people of the United States, it would bring a lot of money to Soros. Remember he is a billionaire, so any and all action that he takes is going to directly affect his bank account.

Soros actually said that he considers himself “some kind of God.” And that type of person is leading an advisory board that tried to influence members of the Supreme Court. So that means that whatever the Supreme Court is going to rule in, they want to make sure that it affects their group the best.

You would think that someone is trying to stop this. There is a problem though. That advisory board that Soros’s group has contains people from left wing activists, Ivy League professors, and people that are actually in the media themselves! There are columnists for The Washington Post that are apart of this group!

Why is that bad? Well the media is going to write what they want. That means that they are going to use their positions to write and try and influence people on issues that the people on the board and Soros think is right.

George Soros, the man who has donated Millions to Clinton
George Soros Advisory Board Has People From The Media That Are Going To Write In Favor Of Him

This memo shows directly that Soros organization was attempting to use the media to sway the judges decisions! These include people from Harvard University, a columnist from foreign magazine, AND a dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism! These people have a lot of influence in the world. Not only are they respected people in their fields, but they are also teaching the younger generations.

That means that the younger people are going to be taught this and think that Soros ideologies are what is correct. That is dangerous for the future of the United States. This is why this case was so important. Not only was it going to affect the people of the United States currently, but it was also going to affect the future of the United States.

Fortunately and unfortunately, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had died, which rendered the Supreme Court in a virtual tie. Because of this tie, this allowed the lower courts to keep their decision. While it was good that the lower courts were able to keep their original ruling, the unfortunate part of this was that Justice Scalia did die.

George Soros 1
Justice Scalia Prevented This Man From Achieving His Goal. So Even In Death, He Is Saving The United States

But his death could be considered a good thing. Scalia was a firm believer in the Constitution and wasn’t going to let some money influence his decision. Because Justice Scalia did die, days before this ruling, this prevented Soros’s group from succeeding in their task. It also kept President Obama from trying any action that would try and undermine this action. So even in death Scalia is still saving the United States.

Share this article to show the deceit of the Soros group. They literally tried to buy the decision of the Supreme Court so that it would directly affect Soros pocketbook. Even though we lost a Supreme Court Justice, and a good one at that, Justice Scalia’s death prevented an overruling. Therefore President Obama’s Executive action was deemed unconstitutional. Thank you again Justice Scalia, and may you rest in peace.