When The News Of The Raid Broke, Malia Was No Where To Be Found

When The News Of The Raid Broke, Malia Was No Where To Be Found

What if I were to tell you that the Obama’s have respected the dignity of the office for 8 years now and that they have been a terrible first family? Well, not only has Obama admitted to smoking weed, his daughter has been caught twice now in less than a month doing it at social events.

The issue isn’t necessarily about smoking weed, it is about how this family continues to disrespect the Oval Office and what it means to represent the United States of America. They have absolutely no patriotism or love for this country, and that has been proven by their actions since 2008.

Obama and his family believe that they are better than common, hardworking Americans, but now they are publicly dealing with an issue that millions of parents across the country are forced to deal with: a rowdy, teenage daughter.

Disrespecting The Dignity Of The Office With Nasty Behaviors
Disrespecting The Dignity Of The Office With Nasty Behaviors

The Boston Herald reported that Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, was at a party in Martha’s Vineyard that had to be broken up by police because of noise complaints. When you hear the liberal media describe the situation, it sounds like some kids were just having fun and got a little loud.

When the truth of the situation comes out, you realize it was much, much more severe than that. Malia was rushed from the party by Secret Service before the cops arrived. The West Tisbury police declined to confirm if Malia was there, citing “national security.”

Sources that were at the party have indicated that Malia was extremely drunk and that she has been smoking weed the entire vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. The sources from the party kept bragging about how cool it was to see the president’s daughter high and drunk.

Meanwhile, the state of Louisiana is being swallowed by floods, and Malia can’t stop getting high just like her dad won’t stop playing golf. The entire family needs to pack up immediately and move to Canada like they have talked about. They need to go now and never come back.

Caught Smoking Weed, Again...
Caught Smoking Weed, Again…

This family doesn’t care about anyone other than themselves, and their actions this week alone show that. This latest report of Malia’s unpleasant behavior comes shortly after photos surfaced of her at a wild concert smoking weed and shaking her butt on people.

Even Her Secret Service Agent In The Grey Is Judging Her

This is what happens when you are raised by a family that openly talks about getting high during college and raises you to believe this type of behavior is acceptable. It is definitely not acceptable when you are the family that represents the United States to the entire world.

Malia has taken a “gap year” before she starts Harvard in 2017, and she appears to be using it to smoke weed and party every weekend. I would sympathize with Obama if he was in Louisiana helping these victims and his daughter was caught, but he is just up the road drinking beers and playing golf. He isn’t doing much better himself.

Radar reported that Barack and Malia were seen walking around the pool at their vacation house. It is unclear what Obama was saying, but undoubtedly Malia’s wild behavior was the topic of discussion. She was pulled from a giant drug infested rave prior to authorities busting it, thankfully they did rescue her before someone tried to harm or kidnap her.

They Think It Is Funny, They Do Not Care About This Country
They Think It Is Funny, They Do Not Care About This Country

“This is the president’s worst nightmare!” an anonymous source told Radar. “The end of his term is in sight — and the carefully crafted image of a world-beating family is unraveling right before his eyes!

“I’m sure he had some choice words for his daughter during that walk they took.”

If Malia behaves like this before she is even in college, we can only image what sort of antics she will get into in that sort of alcohol and drug-filled environment. The good thing is, she won’t be the first daughter of the United States any longer. By that time, this family will be long gone.

We have multiple sources confirming that this was a drug raid, and they tipped off Obama’s security detail prior to get her out of there before so they could save Obama bad press coverage. Malia has been caught twice now in a month smoking weed, maybe she was selling it that night? Or maybe she was doing a more dangerous drug that night.

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Either way, she directly placed herself in a position to be kidnapped or abused. If she actually cared about this country, she would have been demanding her father go to Louisiana and help the American people, but she was too busy smoking weed to care about anyone but herself.

Share this if you are tired of this country being disrespected by law-breaking families. The Obama’s may be leaving soon, but the Clinton Cartel will destroy the office if they hold it again. They stole $200,000 worth of stuff the first time, what will they take next if Hillary is impeached?