American Public Interest Journalist Glenn Greenwald Reveals United States Media 100% United Against Trump

Source: Amando Flavio

The American public interest journalist, Glenn Greenwald has said in an interview that the American media is 100% united against the presidential candidate of the Grand Old Party, Donald Trump.

Mr Greenwald is also a trained lawyer.  He is best known for his role in a series of reports in The Guardian newspaper on the classified information made public by the American National Security Agency whistleblower, Edward Snowden. That series in The Guardian won him the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Greenwald is one of the founders of the investigative outlet The Intercept.

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In an interview with the American online current affairs outlet Slate magazine, Greenwald stated that the media in the United States has decided to band together in a last-ditch effort to stop Trump from entering the White House.

After the Democratic National Committee leak of emails by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team said Russia was behind the hack. The team also revealed that Russia is secretly working to have Trump elected as the president of the United States.

After this statement by the Clinton team, at a news conference to react to the accusation leveled by the Clinton team, Trump called on Russia to release all emails it might have hacked from Clinton during her tenure as Foreign Minister of the United States, under the Obama administration. Although, Trump later said he was being sarcastic by making that statement, the American media has since taken him on for his words.

The media have since tried to find out whether Trump really has any links to Russia. Some media factions have suggested that Trump is afraid to make his tax returns public, possibly highlighting links to Russian individuals and companies.

Greenwald was asked by the magazine his opinion on Trump’s call on Russia to continue hacking Clinton’s emails. Greenwald responded, highlighting how the United States media decided to bloc together against Trump’s candidacy for the presidency.

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“OK, so, I am glad you asked about that because this is the conflict that I am currently having: The U.S. media is essentially 100 percent united, vehemently, against Trump, and preventing him from being elected president. I don’t have an actual problem with that because I share the premises on which it is based about why he poses such extreme dangers. But that doesn’t mean that as a journalist, or even just as a citizen, that I am willing to go along with any claim, no matter how fact-free, no matter how irrational, no matter how dangerous it could be, in order to bring Trump down,” Greenwald said.

Mr Greenwald went on to say that most people in the United States supporting Trump to become president won’t care about the media spin against him. He compared the historic referendum in the United Kingdom – which saw the country kicked out of the European Union – to the American media lengths they are going to, ensuring Clinton gets elected as president of the United States.

Greenwald continued, “Do you think the people voting for Donald Trump because they feel their economic future has been destroyed, or because they are racist, or because they feel fear of immigrants and hate the U.S. elite structure and want Trump to go and blow it up, give the slightest sh*t about Ukraine, that Trump is some kind of agent of Putin? They don’t! Just like the Brexit supporters. The U.K. media tried the same thing, telling the Brexit advocates that they were playing into Putin’s hands, that Putin wanted the U.K. out of the EU to weaken both. They didn’t care about that. That didn’t drive them. Nobody who listened to Trump could think that was genuinely a treasonous request for the Russians to go and cyberattack the U.S. government.”

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

Clinton and Trump will be looking forward to become the 45th president of the United States during the presidential elections on November 8, 2016.

According to political commentators, these two candidates vying for the country’s top job are the most unpopular presidential candidates in modern American political history.

In mid-May 2016, a poll conducted by the Associated Press (AP) news agency, in collaboration with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, revealed that 70% of Americans are disturbed about the country’s November presidential elections.

In another poll published by AP and GFK in July 2016, a staggering 79% of the American population said their country will head towards the wrong direction under the leadership of Trump or Clinton.