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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton isn’t in the clear yet – because the modern-day version of Eliot Ness is on the case.

New reports indicate that a major corruption probe of the Clinton Foundation is under way behind the scenes.

It could make the email scandal, Benghazi, and rigged primaries look like small potatoes.

And there are two words here no politician ever wants to hear: Preet Bharara.

That’s the fearless United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York – and according to The Daily Caller, he’s playing a key role in a major federal investigation into alleged corruption at the Clinton Foundation.

The Daily Caller reported that he and other United States attorneys are in a far-ranging investigation of the Clinton Foundation, which even the left-friendly Washington Post described as a “$2 billion global empire.”

That includes money coming in from overseas dictators… and cash “donated” by foreign powers who may have had business before the State Department when Clinton was running the show.

While officials have not confirmed an investigation of any kind, The Daily Caller said Bharara was specifically brought in by the FBI.

The move makes perfect sense.

As his press conference and appearance before Congress made perfectly clear, FBI Director James Comey isn’t exactly waving pom-poms for Hillary Clinton.

He called her out – clearly and directly – and when he said there was not enough evidence to ensure a conviction in the email case, he was clearly seething when he called her “extremely careless.”

But it turns out the most important statement may have been one he DIDN’T make … because when pressed by frustrated justice-seeking lawmakers on other options, and other possibly investigations, he clammed up.

Some experts believe that may have been a subtle signal to Congress and to the world: watch and wait.

By tapping Bharara, he can do an end run around Attorney General Loretta Lynch, an appointee of President Barack Obama who likely never intended to prosecute Clinton.
Instead, Comey went to someone who would have no problem going after Clinton.

After all, Bharara has ice in his veins. He has a career of taking down “untouchable” Wall Street titans and arrogant politicians from both parties who thought they were above the law.

Because of him, New York’s two top lawmakers – Senator Majority Leader Dean Skelos, a Republican, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Democrat – were both booted from office and sentenced to prison.

He’s even fired warning shots at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“We will keep looking hard at corruption in our legislative branch, as we have been,” Bharara said in a speech earlier this year, according to the New York Daily News. “But not just there: in the executive branch, too, both in city and in state government.”

Now, it looks like Bharara is hunting even bigger game: a pair of Clintons.

A former U.S. president and a former secretary of state would make a great addition to his career trophy case.

If there’s dirt, he’s going to find it.

And if that happens… WHEN that happens… the Clintons could end up hearing another set of dreaded words: “You have the right to remain silent.”

Do you think there should be a full-blown investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Or is it time for the FBI to leave Hillary Clinton alone?

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