Leaders don’t sit in the back of the line, they lead the pack from the front. Leadership qualities are a mixture of morals and genetics, and Hillary Clinton possesses none of the skills required to lead this great country.

When the state of Louisiana flooded and desperately needed help, the only leader that stepped up was Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was too busy taking the week off for naps and Obama was playing golf. Obama and Hillary have always held themselves above the American people, though. So this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

This man represents the families of many Louisianans and a majority of this country. Look at the fear and sadness in his eyes, he KNOWS we need Donald Trump and he is grateful that Trump showed up to help those in desperate need.

Somehow, the liberal media is twisting the knife deeper into Donald Trump’s back as he went to Louisiana with an 18-wheeler filled with supplies to help and comfort the victims of the flooding. But, I guess when you compare that to what Hillary did, it all makes sense.

Oh, that’s right, Hillary hasn’t gotten off her lazy behind to do one thing for this country or these flood victims. She is the grossest, most vile, and ungrateful person to ever walk this planet and she deserves nothing more in life than a prison cell. But the media won’t tell you that.

Hillary Clinton has done one thing for Louisiana victims: she lifted her brainless head off the pillow from her nap and ordered someone to call the Governor of Louisiana for her. Hillary spoke John Bel Edwards, but she obviously did what she always does: lies and makes promises she won’t keep.

She put up a Facebook message, which was nice, until you realize it does absolutely nothing for the people that have lost their homes and possessions to a flood.

Hillary Woke Up Long Enough To Tell An Intern To Type This For Her
Hillary Woke Up Long Enough To Tell An Intern To Type This For Her

At least Hillary woke up to actually answer the phone for this call. Remember, she slept through the night while our men and women fought for their lives in Benghazi. Hillary could also donate money to the charities she listed. After all, she has accepted over $100 million in donations from foreign governments, why can’t she send any to actually help Americans?

Hillary wants to call herself a leader when Trump shows you he is one. Donald Trump stopped his campaign dead in its tracks and actually helped people while Hillary wasted time constructing a Facebook post. News flash: they aren’t on Facebook right now because they have lost their homes to a record flood!

Hillary Clinton managed to squeeze in the Facebook message between her flight to Martha’s Vineyard to have drinks with her buddy Barack, but Americans aren’t buying your bull crap any longer.

I Bet The People Of Louisiana Wish They Could Sit Down For A Nice Shaded Lunch
I Bet The People Of Louisiana Wish They Could Sit Down For A Nice Shaded Lunch

Democrats won’t shut up on social media about how Trump is grandstanding and never should have gone down there in the first place, that he is just getting in the way. I wonder how many of the families that got supplies from that truck would disagree with them.

Trump didn’t ask for a voter ID card to see if they were registered Republican or Democrat before helping, he just showed up ready to work. He could have just made a large donation or paid a crew to go help, but no–he jumped on the ground to help his fallen comrades and helped them get through this tragedy.

Did Trump’s visit actually speed up the recovery? Maybe not, but he showed up. He showed that he is a leader that will fight for his people when they need him most. Your actions will always speak louder than your words.

Leadership For The American People
Leadership For The American People

Character is what you do when nobody is looking, and Trump stopped his campaign and showed up for the American people while Hillary phoned in between her trip to vacation with Obama. Obama finally decided to make a trip to Louisiana, but only after he finishes his vacation Sunday.

The choice this November is really as simple as this:

You either choose the candidate that proved he will fight for you no matter what or you choose someone that made a phone call while headed to get drinks on vacation. This choice is that simple, but it will reshape this country for many years to come.

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