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The Lovely Democratic Choice For President Doesn’t Seem To Like Handicapped Kids

It isn’t news that Hillary Clinton isn’t a good person. She has been under investigation for deleting emails, people are not willing to trust her, and her Clinton Foundation has been found to have accepted donations from several people outside the United States.

But that doesn’t compare to what she has done to certain groups of the United States. One of Bill Clinton’s former lovers, Dolly Kyle, has decided to release a book entitled “Hillary The Other Woman: A Political Memoir” and it shows some disturbing details about the former First Lady.

Some of the details are about Clinton’s “explosive temper.” It’s natural to get upset every now and then, but the way that Clinton does it is above and beyond. Kyle details some specific incidents where the former Secretary of State really explodes.

Apparently Clinton Has An Explosive Temper When Things Don’t Go Her Way

One of these incidents is from when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas and they decided to have an Easter egg hunt on the lawn of the Arkansas governor’s mansion. There is a little twist however; these children were mentally handicapped.

These children were having a good time, but that was before Clinton got upset. According to what Kyle wrote, “[T]he children were having a wonderful time. But they were having a v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w time of finding and picking up the Easter eggs.” It makes sense, considering that these children were mentally disabled.

The important thing was that they were having fun and able to experience a nice thing like this. Well Clinton didn’t like that they were taking their time. “Hillary had enough. She stormed up the grass to the shaded veranda on the back of the mansion… and accosted one of the troopers.”

Now this is where the story seems to have some inconsistency, but only in the fact that people can’t remember if there was a microphone or the fact that Clinton was yelling so loudly.

Clinton Associated With Silverhorne, She Needs To Answer For It
Clinton Said Something That Parent’s Won’t Believe

“…At any rate, the frustrated Me-First Lady demanded, ‘When are they going to get those (expletive) ree-tards out of here?’” Wow. What makes this story even more unbelievable is that Clinton was known as Arkansas’ “Mother of the Year” in 1984. And yet she thought her time was so much more valuable than others that she interrupted a nice way for mentally handicapped kids to just have fun for a little bit.

But that isn’t everything. Kyle’s book notes about the various “sexcapades” that Bill Clinton would have. They would be followed by Hillary Clinton’s “vexcapades.” Kyle notes some of these incidents that happened.

“[M]any people gloss over the reports about what I call Hillary’s vexcapades, her screaming, cursing, and throwing fits usually as a result of Billy’s sexcapades.” Now yes when people cheat it’s a bad thing. But the normal thing to do would be to get a divorce.

Hillary Got Very Violent With Bill After He Cheated On Her

“Ordinary folks can easily understand how she would be upset with him for having sex with untold numbers of other women while ‘married’ to Hillary. Many people think that her behavior was justified by his provocations, no matter what she said or did.” Again we know that cheating is bad. But it was what Hillary did next that makes you raise an eyebrow.

“I’ve heard troopers telling funny stories about Hillary that really weren’t funny, such as slamming kitchen cabinets so hard that the doors came off the hinges, and throwing glassware across the room. …Hillary could get away with it as long as she didn’t do it in public.”

Well the question then comes up as why didn’t say anything about that? Normally people would want to hear about it. Well Clinton made sure that nobody would ever believe it. “If anyone ever reported her behavior, then that person was swiftly condemned in public as a liar. …Hillary’s contemptuous, uncontrolled outbursts are so extreme that most people cannot wrap their minds around the possibility that a First Lady could act like that.”

So this is the true person that the Democrats have tried to show as their nominee for the President. They are touting someone who seems to have some extreme outbursts and didn’t think her time worth having a bunch of mentally handicapped children do an Easter egg hunt on.

Hillary Clinton Has Only Benefited BecauseThe DNC Rigged The Election For Her
The Democrats Have Touted This Person As Their Presidential Candidate

There have been multiple secret service agents that absolutely hated dealing with Hillary Clinton. She was said to be rude and obnoxious to them in private while putting on a façade in public. She puts on this two-face act just to get people to like her. And it appears that it is working.

She has fooled so many people into voting for her and thinking that she is the right choice for the United States of America. Well according to one of Bill Clinton’s oldest friends, that is far from the truth.

Kyle’s book documents some of the extreme outbursts that the presidential hopeful has gone through in her life and it has to make people wonder if she has the temperament for the job. Being President is an extremely stressful job and someone with a history of outbursts might just suddenly crack at any point.

Is that really the type of person that you want to be the next leader of the United States? For those of you that don’t, and hopefully there is a lot, then there is a solution.

Clinton Might Snap If She Has To Deal With The Stress Of Being President

First you can share this article. The more people that are shown this secret side of Clinton, the more that they are going to be discouraged from voting for her. The other thing that you can do is go out on Election Day and vote for Donald Trump. If enough people do those two things, then Clinton won’t stand a chance of seeing the Oval Office again.