The Co-Founder Of ISIS

The Co-Founder Of ISIS

Source: Martin Walsh

It has been clear for quite awhile now that Hillary Clinton did a ton of favors for her donors while she was Secretary of State. What was previously unclear was that she spent a majority of her time at the State Department courting donors to her “foundation.”

AP reports that more than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State gave money to the Clinton Foundation. This woman has absolutely no morals or ethics, and she literally spent more than half of her time as our chief diplomat making money for herself.

The new Associated Press report gives Hillary Clinton a slight pass for her immoral judgement, but that isn’t what she deserves. According to the Associated Press, 55% of the private individuals who met or had private phone conversations with Clinton when she was Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Of the 85 private individuals that Clinton courted, they donated a combined $156 million to her tax-free organization.

With Hillary, If You Pay, You Get Rewarded With Massive Weapon Deals
With Hillary, If You Pay, You Get Rewarded With Massive Weapon Deals

Newly released emails have also revealed what we have known: Clinton and her State Department aides continuously did favors for Clinton Foundation donors that offered her large sums of money (pay for play). In one email exchange, Hillary Clinton declined to meet with a prince from Bahrain, but then they held a sit-down meeting the week after he made a large donation to her foundation.

After the meeting and donation to Clinton’s foundation, she used the State Department to approve a significant increase in arms sales to his country’s armed forces — including $70,000 worth of “toxicological agents” during the Arab Spring and a controversial amount of missiles and armored vehicles.

Not included in the AP’s calculations were 16 other individuals who worked for foreign governments and met Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State. The AP report covers a few specific cases of “pay for play,” but we have all known about that for awhile. What else don’t we know?

Sources extremely close to Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin indicate that from 2008-2012, Hillary approved weapon sales to 10 terrorist groups throughout the Middle East. The source adds that all 10 of those groups worked with ISIS and gave them all of our supplies. Those are the real kind of deals Hillary approves.

The Terrorist Groups We Fight Today Were Funded By Her!
The Terrorist Groups We Fight Today Were Funded By Her!

Hillary approved these kind of deals because it gave her leverage. She armed terrorist groups that made rich Muslim nations uncomfortable. So then Hillary would cozy up to Iran and Saudi Arabia and offer to help them fight terrorism only if they donated to her foundation.

Think that’s crazy? Then why has Saudi Arabia donated more than $30 million to Hillary Clinton since 2010? How did Iran all of the sudden get a nuclear deal and $150 billion? Clinton was behind all of that for personal gain.

The World Has Never Seen A More Extreme Case Of "Pay For Play" Before
The World Has Never Seen A More Extreme Case Of “Pay For Play” Before

The AP’s analysis is just more proof of how corrupt Hillary was and continues to be. What has not been released yet is that Hillary supplied many terrorist groups that eventually formed ISIS. Hillary gave rise to ISIS, and that will be released in Julian Assange’s “October surprise” when he releases the documents proving that.

While we wait on the released documentation proving her connection to ISIS, we clearly see that Clinton Foundation donors had a heavy influence on Clinton and demands on her schedule during her time as secretary have caused many to question the influence these individuals would have on her as president.

When Bill Clinton said that if Hillary were elected president, she would step down from her position at the Clinton Foundation and their nonprofit would no longer accept donations from foreign entities, that let’s you know right there how guilty they are. Why as President but not as Secretary of State?

We Agree, Mr. Trump
We Agree, Mr. Trump

This is who the Clinton’s are and they are never going to change. More than 6,000 individuals have given the Clinton’s more than $2 billion in donations. How much did ISIS give? How many weapons deals did she approve to terrorists along the way?

We have to wake up, people. We cannot continue to sit around and hope something will eventually lead to her being arrested. We have to do our part and share the research that shows incriminating information against her, we have to make sure we vote in record crowds, and we must hope that Julian Assange truly has the information he says he does.

Share this to show that Clinton used more than half of her time as Secretary of State to court donors and it is nearly guaranteed that she funded ISIS and other terrorist groups. She deserves as desk in a prison cell, not one in the Oval Office.