A Top Aide Left Classified Information Out In The Open


What is it with people that are employed by Hillary Clinton that don’t understand the concept of “classified?” Some more emails released showed that Huma Abedin, who was Clinton’s top State Department aide, left classified government information, that had to be burned mind you, in the front seat of her vehicle.

There are several things that people leave in the front seat of their cars. Sometimes they leave phones, wallets, other electronic devices, etc. but they never leave classified information! An email in particular was sent on July 20, 2009 to Lauren Jiloty, who is Clinton’s personal assistant. It was from Abedin.

The subject line had the word “favor” in it. The contents of the email said, “I’m going to have ambassador ride on next drive. There’s a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat. Can u put in trunk?”

Abedin Email
These Were The Emails Released That Showed Abedin Left Classified Information Out In The Open

Aside from the absolutely horrible grammar, seriously what government official doesn’t spell out the word “you,” Abedin decided to leave some classified information right out in the open in her car. Upon realizing this, she asked for a favor and to move it to the trunk. Once again, people often forget stuff in their front seats all the time, but not stuff that need to be burned.

The State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual provides rules and regulations that directly relate to classified agency materials and records. The rule states, “Burn bags must contain only the classified material that is to be destroyed. Personal documents, trash, recyclable materials, metal objects (such as binder clips and acco fasteners), string, twine, spiral bindings, cleaning cloths, food, or any other object that is not classified material should not be place in a burn bag.”

Obviously there are very strict rules into what should be burned and what shouldn’t be. It’s as clear as day that classified information that needs to be destroyed should be put in the burn bag. And people from the State Department should know this.

Huma Can't Afford For Her Al Qaeda Ties To Be Revealed
Huma Should Know That You Don’t Leave Classified Information OUT IN THE OPEN

So why did Abedin leave some very classified information just sitting on the front seat of her car? It’s like everyone that is employed by Clinton is just as irresponsible as she is!

Naturally there are consequences if someone doesn’t safeguard this material. And you would think that the front seat of a car isn’t safeguarded, because it is out in the open. So what are the consequences?

Well those that fail to keep material safe can be criminally prosecuted, have administrative action take place, which means that they can lose their jobs, or they can have their authority to access sensitive or classified information removed.

Someone Getting Arrested
Someone Caught Doing This Can Actually Be Arrested

The bottom line is that this is a serious offense and should be treated as such. If someone had seen it, then they could have looked into some pretty classified material. Especially depending on the area that they were in. No matter what, leaving classified information is bad, but some areas are worse than others.

Some evidence suggests that Abedin sent this email when she, Clinton, and Jiloty were in India. The reason for that is because Abedin sent another email asking how far she was from a shopping district. The reply was this, “He says santushti is a 10-minute drive from here.”

Now looking at a globe, the city of New Delhi has a Santushti Shopping Complex. New Delhi is in India. And looking at the State Department’s website, it showed that Clinton was in India during that specific time period.

So we have Clinton’s top State Department aide leaving classified information in her front seat of the car while they’re not even in the United States. That is about as bad as it can get.

United States Map
They Weren’t Even In The United States When This Happened!

Think about it. You’re in a foreign country and left some classified information about the United States just sitting in the front seat of a car. If someone had just walked by, they could have seen some pretty sensitive information. This is the type of careless behavior that Clinton and her staff have been plagued by.

And they should be plagued by it. These actions by Abedin, along with Clinton’s decision to use a private email server, could have potentially put the country in more danger than was necessary. They should serve as lessons for future people that you need to be more careful when handling classified material.

It seems a little weird that people have to be told to be careful when handling classified information, but that is what we have come to. Naturally there was a defense for this. State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said that just because materials are in a ”burn bag,” it doesn’t mean that the information is classified.

Here’s a question then. If the materials aren’t classified, or sensitive even, then why are they being placed in a burn bag? Obviously they don’t want people seeing them. Otherwise they wouldn’t even need a burn bag right? That would make the most sense.

Burn Bag
Anything That Is Put In The Burn Bag Is Obviously Important Enough To Get Burned

So this defense being made doesn’t make the most sense. It was a bad attempt to protect Clinton and her aides. Seriously just think about this. If people don’t want stuff to be seen, then they want the documents gone. It doesn’t matter if the information is classified. It’s in the bag for a specific reason.

Please share this article if you are tired of the excuses that people come up with to try and defend Clinton and anyone associated with her. Maybe if enough people can see the amount of effort that people are making to try and cover for Clinton and her aides, then they are going to not want to vote for someone who basically needs an excuse for everything. Is that the type of person that you want running this country? Someone that employs people who are careless enough to leave classified information in the front seat of the car where anyone can see them? Vote for Donald Trump and that way we, as a nation, won’t have to deal with a situation like this.