More White Guilt

Whites Are Under Attack By THEM


Everyone knows that the media tries to push the narrative that the Black Lives Matter group is just a bunch of peaceful protestors who want equality. That couldn’t be anymore distant from the truth if they had tried. There is a report coming out of Akron, Ohio that has a group of men that beat up seven white victims early Sunday morning.

Now of course this would go against what the media has been trying to force down the throats of everyone since this movement started. But the fact remains that this group has been like this ever since its inception.

According to the police report, the incident happened around 12:30 in the morning in the general area of Carroll and Goodkirk streets. Seven white men were just walking through when they were suddenly approached by five black men and two white men.

They people that approached them were said to be shouting “Black Lives Matter.” Before getting into the attack there are some things that need to be said. These “activists” approached the victims. The victims weren’t doing anything other than walking. We don’t know where they were walking, but they were just walking.

Well wherever they were walking to, they were approached and suddenly they were attacked. The “activists” who attacked them then started to hit them with bottles, and later moving to punching and kicking them. One person was hit so hard that he fell to the ground. If that wasn’t enough, he was then kicked in the head several times, causing him to lose consciousness.

BLM People Beating Up Victims
Six Of The Seven People Who Were Arrested For Beating Up White People

But wait, that’s not all. Then these “activists” took the victims belongings before running off. There are several questions that need to be answered. Like how are the supporters of the Black Lives Matter going to defend these actions? How does beating up seven white men and robbing them benefit their movement at all?

Well there is some good news to this story. All seven people that were suspects in this attack were arrested and their charges ranged from riot to felonious assault. They were arrested when nearby Akron police and University of Akron police responded and found them.

Once again it should be made clear that the people that were attacked were just walking. How in the world does walking down the street justify getting beaten up and robbed? The answer is this: it doesn’t. These “activists” are nothing more than criminals and should be looked at that way.

BLM Violence
The Black Lives Matter Group Isn’t Peaceful AT ALL

According to the police report, there was nothing that the victims were doing that could have cause for inciting this violence. Most likely they were just walking home from a friends house or a bar. And yet people yelling and screaming approached them and then they were beat up and robbed. Again it would be really interesting to see the response that the Black Lives Matter group has for this.

Also it should be noted that of the seven people that were beating people up, two of them were white. Why exactly were two white men with this group? There are some answers that we will never get.

The other thing is that one of the victims was hit so hard that he fell to the ground, where he was kicked repeatedly until he lost consciousness. Where is the justification in that? They can come up with the reasoning all they want, but the answer is that there is no reason for this to happen.

They weren’t trying to protest anything; they were just looking for a reason to hurt someone. And now there are seven people that are injured and were robbed. These “activists” are nothing but criminals. There really is no other way to describe them.

Chicago BLM
They Are Just A Bunch Of Criminals. There Isn’t Anything Peaceful About Them

This isn’t new. The Black Lives Matter group has been using “protests” as an excuse to riot and commit crimes. If you need more evidence, just look at the Milwaukee riots that just happened. They were caught burning down a gas station and throwing bricks at police officers.

Several Officers Were Injured trying To Secure The Scenes Of Burning Vehicles, Thanks BLM
They Burned Down A Gas Station In Milwaukee. Because THAT’S Peaceful

It got so bad that the Governor of Milwaukee, Scott Walker, had to call in the National Guard to ensure that things didn’t get worse for the city. All they do is look for an excuse to riot and commit crimes.

The state of Louisiana called them out when none of them went to go help the flood victims. And even when they did show up, the people kicked them out because they didn’t want any problems. This is further evidence that the group has done nothing but cause harm for people since it first became a group.

Yet the media tries to frame them as peaceful people who just want to see change. Do us all a favor and show just how Black Lives Matter “activists” are peaceful when they are beating up other people for simply walking. Because the last time I checked, peaceful protests don’t include beating people up for no reason whatsoever.

Yet President Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to be all for this group. Obama even invited some of the leaders to the White House. For trying to protest and riot they get rewarded with a trip to the White House? That doesn’t make any sense at all!

BLM Sitting Down With Obama, Agreeing On Their Cause
Obama Welcomed This Group To The White House!

Please share this article to show you the true side of the Black Lives Matter movement. The one that is shown by the media doesn’t give the entire picture. The real side is one full of violence. Seriously they beat people up for just walking.

Maybe if enough people can see the real side of this group, then we can get that much closer to seeing the group end. More people need to see the real actions of this group. There is nothing peaceful about them.