List Of Sexual Assaults And Rapes By Migrants In Germany So Far

Look At How Far This Has Gone

Germany has been on the receiving side of terrorist attacks all summer long. Several of them have come from people who were thought to be migrant workers. As a result of all these attacks, Germany has been debating on whether to deploy soldiers on the streets.

Now if this were to happen then it would be the first time since World War II that soldiers have been deployed on the streets in Germany. Following the attack on a music festival in the southern city of Ansbach, the Bavaria south state interior minister, Winfried Bausback, took to Facebook to voice his concerns. “Islamic terror has reached Germany.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has remained unchanged in her desire to welcome Syrians into Germany. As nice a gesture as that is, some of them are also responsible for attacks that have taken place this summer.

On July 18th, there was an ax attack by a 17-year-old ISIS inspired kid that ended up wounding five people on a train ride. The 17-year-old was eventually shot and killed by police. Then came the music festival attack. ISIS agents disguised as migrant workers caused both of these attacks.

German Train Violence
This Was The End Result Of That Train Attack

This was possible because Germany managed to take in 2.1 million immigrants last year. That is the size of Houston. With that many people coming into the city from ISIS controlled areas something was bound to happen.

Other European leaders have been against having migrant workers come into their countries, Merkel has told reporters that, “fear can’t be an excellent counsel for political action” and said that she would continue her actions to give refugees shelter.

There have been ideas to have some soldiers present in public areas, just to give a sense of security. However that has been the subject of debate, because people remember what happened prior to World War II.

Germany Has Taken In A Massive Amount Of Refugees

Wolfgang Bosbach, who is a lawmaker from Merkel’s CDU party, didn’t have any concerns about this. “During the recent terror threat in Munich the German armed forces, and also the military police, were put on alert. They have been deployed in other crises, so why should the military not help with domestic security as well?”

It’s a unique way of using the military, but it could be effective. Since these attacks have taken place, the citizens of Germany seemed to have changed their mind on letting in asylum seekers. In the most recent poll, a little over 60 percent of people believe that the number of asylum seekers in Germany is too high.

Some politicians have suggested that the increased amount of migrants and refugees is the reason that people want greater security risks. Considering the attacks that have happened, it is not a crazy thought.

German Migrants
There Are So Many Migrants That Germany Is Thinking Of Deploying Soldiers

That is part of the reason that politicians are thinking of putting soldiers on the streets. The other reason is that some people believe that the police forces are “overstretched.” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere wants to increase the amount of police posts and increase spending on security-related issues.

Another suggestion that came up was from the head of Germany’s police union. The idea was to give the police forces better equipment and weapons. That way they don’t have to deploy the soldiers on the streets.

Germany seems hesitant on trying to deploy troops in their own country. Considering their history, it’s understandable. However the massive rise of immigrants into the country has made some people concerned about their safety. Not to mention that this summer there were two ISIS agents described as migrant workers and they tried to carry out deadly attacks against the German citizens.

German Migrants being detained
Two ISIS Attacks Were Carried Out By “Migrants”

As stated before, it’s understandable that Germany doesn’t want to deploy troops. But sometimes there are drastic situations that arise where this becomes necessary. This could become one of those times. Not to mention that the last time troops were deployed they were under a dictatorship and people were powerless to stop them.

Christian Moelling is a security expert at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and he told NBC News that there are high standards that were established at the end of World War II saying how the government can use armed forces. Again it’s completely understandable considering their history.

However it seems that with the rising majority of people that think that there are too many asylum workers in the country already, coupled with the fact that there have been too many attacks by ISIS agents this summer, now would be a perfect time to deploy the soldiers just to ensure the safety of the citizens of Germany.

This isn’t happening in the United States, but it could serve as a crystal ball for what could happen if Hillary Clinton is elected President. Just like Chancellor Merkel, Clinton wants to open the borders of the United States to allow refugees in. If you need a reason on why this is a bad idea, re-read this article.

Hillary Chooses Terrorists Over Americans Every Time She Takes Millions From Muslim Countries
Hillary Wants To Open The Borders To Allow Syrian Refugees In

Seeing the amount of trouble that Germany has gone through since they decided to let in immigrants that put together make up the size of Houston, Texas should serve as a lesson on why this is bad. Coupled with the fact that they have had several attacks from ISIS agents and this goes from a bad idea to a terrible idea.

If Clinton is elected then what is happening in Germany could easily happen here. If you want to avoid this, then there are two things that you can do, and they’re pretty simple. The first is to share this article. Sharing this will show people what is happening over in Germany and at the same time be an inside look on what could happen here if Clinton is elected president. The second thing that you can do is go out on Election Day and vote for Donald Trump. He will make sure that this doesn’t happen to the citizens of the United States. The same cannot be said for Clinton.