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Back in March of 2016, things didn’t look good for the Trump campaign. There really isn’t any other way to put it. He was down 18 points and people were speculating that the race would be over before it began. Well it’s a good thing that the elections are held in November because Trump has virtually erased that lead.

There are plenty of reasons to explain this. Arguably the most important one has been the results of the Clinton scandal. Even though the results of the case worked in Clinton’s favor, people were not happy that this happened.

Who can blame them? A presidential candidate ends up having no charges recommended for an act that could possibly have put the country in danger doesn’t exactly sit well with voters. That is arguably the biggest reason for her drop.

Clinton Might Have Won Her Email Case, But It Has Cost Her More Than She Thinks

Another reason could be because of the email release that showed how the Democratic National Committee wasn’t holding fair elections. They were actively going for Clinton and rigging elections to favor her instead of Bernie Sanders.

That caused a lot of people who were originally in favor of Sanders to either switch to Trump or other independent candidates. Whatever the case was, that caused people to switch candidates.

Again it’s hard to blame them. People usually don’t find it too funny when their candidate of choice wasn’t able to stand a fighting chance. That caused a lot of people to have a different opinion of Clinton.

Democrats Who Supported Bernie Sanders Weren’t Happy In Finding Out That Clinton Helped Rig The Primaries

Another possible reason for Clinton’s decline is that people are tired of the media always being on her side. They constantly report on everything positive for her and nothing negative. The same cannot be said about their treatment of Trump. People probably just got tired of hearing about all the positives and none of the negatives.

It’s almost like car shopping. The media, which act as the dealer, are doing their best to sell you Clinton, who is the car. Well this “car” happens to have a lot of defects that the dealer doesn’t want you to know about. But the dealer is only going to tell you the good things because they want to make the sale.

Well people aren’t buying it anymore. They’re tired of the lies from the media. Why does the media continue to support Clinton? Well considering that some of the people who have donated to her campaign are from the top six media corporations that control 90 percent of the media that might explain it.

The Media Is All For Clinton

But it wasn’t just what Clinton did wrong. The other thing that happened was what Trump was doing right. He kept speaking what his plans were to huge amounts of crowds. More and more people starting boarding the “Trump train.”

Think of it like a domino effect. When one person says that they are going to his rally, a friend might say the same thing. Well a friend of the original friend goes, and this continues on and on until you see the massive crowds that Trump has been having.

Meanwhile Clinton has a hard time filling her venues. More and more people are getting fed up with her lies and tricks and don’t want to see her in office. A big majority of this seems to come from people who have a Twitter account and have started the hashtag #NeverHillary. The point of this is to try and get other people on social media to not vote for Clinton and to explore other options.

Another reason that people are going to vote for Trump is that he seems to make a real effort to help people in need. The best evidence for this is when Louisiana was experiencing massive amounts of floods. They needed a strong leader to help the citizens find a way past this terrible time.

Well where were the Democrats? The top two people in the system, Clinton and President Obama, were largely absent from this disaster. Clinton didn’t even plan to shop up and Obama was too busy working on his golf swing. Well even though the Democrats failed to show up, Trump and his vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, did.

The Democrats Might Have Failed To Show Up, But Trump And The Republicans Did Show Up

They brought an 18-wheeler full of supplies to people that needed them. This worked out in favor of Trump because in addition to helping out the people of the area, he all but secured their vote in the election.

That wasn’t the only group of people that wanted to turn to Trump. The African-American citizens of the United States, who normally don’t want to vote for Republicans, have started to turn on the Democrats. After a speech from Trump that was a response to the Milwaukee riots, in which he made a giant appeal to the voters, he saw what was originally a five percent support from black voters to 14 percent support.

Why is that important? Well in the 2012 election, Republicans only received five percent of the black vote. Trump is now polling at nearly triple that rate. That is going to have a giant effect on the election. Anytime you see a group that has tripled their support for a candidate, it’s usually going to be a big story.

But that media bias comes in and they don’t bother to report this. Again as stated above people appear to be tired of the obvious bias from the media and have since dropped their support for Clinton.

Clinton Trying To Come Up With Another Lie
People Are Tired Of Hearing About Clinton’s Positives From The Media

There are a lot of reasons that the lead for Clinton has virtually disappeared. Most of the reasons are because voters are tired of the lies from Clinton and media outlets. The voters are also seeing the positives from Trump himself. All of these factors tie into the disappearing lead for Clinton

Because the media isn’t going to report on this, share this article with your friends and family. Tell them that the lead that Clinton has isn’t as big as they think. We can keep making it smaller. The final nail in the coffin will be the election. If people go out and vote for Trump, it can end this Clinton charade that she has been putting on since the start. The goal is out there. Let’s make it happen.