Bill Gave Away His True Feelings In Klein's Hit Book

Bill Gave Away His True Feelings In Klein’s Hit Book

Source: CT

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton seems to think that her health issues are funny. Recently on a show with Jimmy Kimmel she was even cracking jokes.

The reality though, is that she has continued to ignore her growing issues. To the general public and news sources, it now appears that she is hiding legitimate health complications. These issues include coughing spells, freezing during speeches, seizures in the middle of interviews, and general weakness when traveling (walking up stairs or getting into vehicles).

The mainstream media is currently pushing the idea that her health concerns are nothing more than an attempt by Conservatives to bash her. That theory is completely washed away, however, by the simple fact that her own husband Bill Clinton has talked about the same concerns.

If you read passages from Edward Klein’s hit book Unlikeable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton, you will find that even Bill believes his wife is “too ill to run for president.”

Just last year, Hillary was forced to cancel meetings and slow down her campaign pace dramatically. She insisted that her doctors couldn’t find any sort of “definitive problem.” However, Klein wrote in his book that “Bill believed she was in denial and was ignoring what could be life-threatening symptoms.”

Hillary Being Helped Up Small Steps Earlier This Year
Hillary Being Helped Up Small Steps Earlier This Year

Former President Bill Clinton was so worried that he asked a close friend of his and a cardiologist to look over her medical history. After doing so, the doctor recommended that the former Secretary of State either stop immediately, or travel with a licensed physician at all times. He insisted that she remain under “constant supervision.”

But as we can all see, Hillary wouldn’t allow it.

Klein wasn’t finished though. He said that Bill explicitly stated that his wife “would fall at a critical time during her campaign, and give away the fact that she is truly unfit to be president,” in the realest sense of the word.

Unfortunately for Bill, Hillary exploded back at him and told him that he was “acting like a loser and projecting his own health problems onto her.”

To everyone else, it’s quite clear that she may be in denial. At the end of the day we want to see her medical records, because she is undoubtedly experiencing a lot of issues at this point in the campaign trail.

She can’t deny that even her husband is worried. He, of all people, should now just how sick she is.