Does Technology really cut us off from other Human Interactions?

Sources: YouTube, UpWorthy

A performance philosopher, Jason Silva, is widely known for his hit YouTube series Shots of Awe. This series contains a set of bit-sized videos in which encourages people to think about things, ask questions, and dig a little deeper on the matter. Silva calls these videos “Philosophical Espresso Shots.”

Did you know that your phone is not another weight in which you carry around? This device does not have to create a distraction from life, or a tool used to pass time as you wait in line or ride the train. This is however, a very powerful tool in which we can utilize to LEARN things. We can stay closely connected to loved ones and friends. Any digital devices that connect you to the world, doesn’t make you anti-social. In fact with the right mind set, you can conquer the world.

Silva, alongside Leonardo Dalessandri, has created a new installment entitled Captains of Spaceship Earth. This collaboration of video sections shows us how fast our technology is advancing over the years. Silva says, however, that technology is not driving humanity apart.

While most people think ‘out of sight, out of mind’ applies to their electronic devices, it is actually the exact opposite. According to Silva, technology is another gateway we can utilize in order to expand our empathy. Silva says “If anything, these wireless communication technologies are radically extending our line of sight. We never had such tools to overcome all the limitations of our humanity.”

As our technology further advances in support, humanity is becoming closer – connecting with the rest of the world. Silva suggests that our main goal in life should be to affect as many individuals as we can, in a positive manner. He goes on saying “We need to extend our hands to one another. This should be our goal. This is our responsibility. Here’s our chance.”

While this is a new way of philosophical questioning, Silva’s films are extraordinary to watch.