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She’s Openly Trying To Influence People To Vote For Clinton!

Source: Nwo Report

One of the fears that this election has is voter fraud. It’s a realistic fear. How would you feel if people are going to try and change your vote in favor of their candidate?

This goes beyond the ballot box too. Even before the votes people are going to do what they can to try and influence your decision. Now there is evidence that shows that a Hillary Clinton supporter was doing just that.

In Las Vegas a supposedly non-partisan voter registration worker was showing just whom she was for. She was carrying a clipboard and inside it had a picture of the Republican presidential nominee and around him was the very familiar circle with a slash through it. Included was the phrase “stand up to Trump.”

Anti Trump Sign
This Was What The Voter Registration Woman Was Holding. That Doesn’t Seem Biased At All

Basically she was trying to do her best to get people to not vote for him. Also included on this specific individual was the campaign logo for Hillary Clinton. She also had flyers that had information to help the Clinton campaign or actually donate.

Someone who was working for the Trump campaign had decided to film her. Then he confronted her about it. The woman claimed that she was with someone and they were for Republican and Democrats. Except for the fact that everything listed above was with her and there was nothing for Trump.

So someone who is supposedly working for a voter registration booth was carrying information specifically dedicated to the Clinton campaign. When she was confronted with this, she went into her car and drove off. But luckily the man filming her had got her license plate and it showed that she was from California.

Now it could be argued that she had already ran out of Trump gear. But that still wouldn’t explain why she got into her car and drove off. That indicates that she felt guilty about something. Think about it, if you weren’t guilty of anything then you wouldn’t have to hide.

Now you may think that there isn’t a big deal about the woman trying to give out Clinton information when she claims she was working for a voter registration agency. That is where the criminal aspect comes in.

According to the Nevada Revised Statutes governing voter registration agencies and workers, you only need to look at Statute NRS 293.5045. Right there that says that anyone who works for a voter registration agency shall not A) Seek to influence an applicant’s political preference or party registration; or B) Display a political preference or party allegiance in a place where an applicant can see it.

Now anyone who is in violation of this statute is considered a category E felon, and that carries a punishment that includes probation, anywhere from one to four years in prison and a fine of $5,000. That is quite the punishment for trying to influence someone’s political decision.

Going back to this woman, you can clearly see that she was violating subsection B. She was displaying a clear allegiance to the Clinton campaign. The flyers and the anti trump picture says it all. It’s hard to make an argument that you’re neutral when you have those two pieces of information with you and there is clear video evidence of it.

Pro Clinton Information
These Were Pro-Clinton Flyers!

You can also make a case that she was in violation of subsection A. She was carrying Clinton information that included anti-Trump propaganda. That can be used to influence someone’s political opinion. Showing people anti-Trump pictures and followed up with information to the Clinton campaign is a good way to try and get them to vote for Clinton over Trump.

So basically this person who was working for a voter registration agency could be considered a felon for trying to influence voters to vote for Clinton. Even though it’s a different version of voter fraud, it’s still considered that. They are actively trying to influence whom you should vote for instead of just trying to get you out to vote.

This isn’t the first time that someone was trying to commit voter fraud in favor of Clinton. There were accusations that people for the Clinton campaign were committing voter fraud during the Iowa caucuses. Not only that but there are concerns that she will try to commit voter fraud during the general election.

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People Are Afraid That Clinton Will Try To Commit Voter Fraud During The Election

That type of voter fraud would be actively changing someone’s vote, which is the type of fraud that most people are familiar with. But for right now it seems that there are people who are trying to sway your opinion despite the law specifically saying that they shouldn’t be doing that.

It’s great when people are working to try and get people to go out and vote. It’s one of the greatest things about being an American citizen. However when they are trying to actively sway your vote one way, then it is hard to want to get out and vote. Think about it. If someone is trying to get you to vote and actively pushes for a particular candidate there are three options available.

The first option is that you are going to vote for whichever candidate they say to vote for. The second option is that you are going to vote for the opposite candidate that they are endorsing. Finally the last option is that you’re not going to vote at all, which defeats the purpose entirely.

Not to mention that people who work for a voting agency shouldn’t even be trying to persuade people to vote a certain way. Not only is it against the law, but also it’s also immoral. You want to encourage as many people to vote as possible.

Share this article to show that Clinton supporters are trying to persuade other people to vote for her while working for a voter registration agency. Not only is that immoral, but it’s also illegal. Get the word out and together we can stop the propaganda from happening. Go out and vote for Trump so we can end this madness.