Italy Refugees

They’re Coming In Faster Than Italy Can Deport Them


Italy seems to have finally reached its breaking point. They have started to send migrants back to where they came from. Italy has been working with the Sudanese government as they have already deported around 48 people in Ventimiglia.

As you would expect, human rights organizations have already begun protesting the move.

When migrants attempt to go into France, they try and cross the Italian capital of Rome. Well that didn’t work for these migrants as they were flown to the Sudan capital of Khartoum on a chartered EgyptAir flight.

Naturally liberals and human rights organizations were outraged at this. They can’t imagine that a country would do this. However it should be noted that Sudan and Italy had signed an agreement to work together on migration and border control issues.

Migrant 2
Italy Has Started Sending Some Of The Migrants Back

How this worked was that there was a team of Sudanese officials was sent to the Italian-French border to identify the migrants that were set to be deported. They then took the migrants to the Turin-Caselle airport that was located over an hour away. They did this to avoid the protesters.

It should also be noted that chiefs of the European Union are working with Sudan to stop the mass amounts of migrants reaching Southern Europe. They are attempting “to solve the root causes of migration.”

Sudan is actually a major route for the migrants who choose to move between east African and Libyan coast. They do this to get on their way to Italy and Greece.

Once again people were trying to protest this by saying that it’s a human rights violation. However it should be noted that in 2015, a whopping 60 percent of Sudanese asylum seekers were granted human protection in Italy. That number is just not sustainable.

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There Are Too Many Asylum Seekers Going Into Italy

They cannot continue to allow 60 percent of applicants to stay in the country. There are several reasons for that. Naturally the first is that the country is going to run out of room. If you continue to allow mass amounts of people not only will you run out of room, but also the human rights activists are going to assume 60 percent of people are going to be let in all the time.

Part of the outrage that comes from protesters is the fact that Amnesty International has said that there are human rights abuses taking place during the conflicts in Sudan. “The authorities repressed the media, civil society organizations and opposition political parties, severely curtailing freedoms of expression, association and assembly.”

Those are definitely crimes that need to be looked at. But the fact of the matter remains that the problems need to be addressed at the source. They can’t just keep sending people out of the country to other countries without trying to address the main problem. They need to attack the problem at its source, which is the President of Sudan, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir.

Sudan President
The Way To Tackle The Migrant Issue Is To Tackle The Source, Which Is Sudan’s President

Not to mention that just allowing the migrants to just go to a different country will only delay the problem. It’s the equivalent of spilling milk in a house and instead of cleaning it up, everyone moves to a different place in the house. Except for the fact that the milk is still there and will continue to be there until it’s cleaned up.

Granted that is a simple comparison, but the concept is still there. These human rights activists cannot continue to try and push people to other areas of the world. They really do need to attack the problem at its source.

Italy has already accepted quite a significant amount of refugees and these activists are complaining that they aren’t doing more? That isn’t helping anyone. Overcrowding of the country is going to do more damage than people think.

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There Are So Many People Being Accepted That Overcrowding Will Soon Become An Issue

Going back to the house example, you cannot expect there to be unlimited amounts of room. One corner of the house cannot expect to house six or seven people when it is only meant to house three or four. That is extremely unfair to the natural residents of the house.

That is essentially what is happening. Italy seems to have bitten off more than they can chew and are starting to deport people that they shouldn’t have accepted.

This Country Has Done More Than It Possibly Could, Yet People Expect More

And how dare the human rights activists get outraged at this. Italy didn’t have to open their borders to help them. And since then, they have realized that their country could experience an overcrowding problem.

Basically by getting angry at the fact that Italy is departing people just doesn’t make sense. Essentially this is what it sounds like. Italy opens its borders to migrants and allows them to take them in. The human rights activists are fine with that. Italy accepts 60 percent of all its applicants and that is a staggering amount.

They can’t accept any more and start to depart some migrants with the help of the Sudan government. They have helped enough. And instead of attacking the Sudan government for its massive amounts of human rights violations, they go after Italy for departing the around 48 migrant workers. That doesn’t make a ton of sense.

This could be the same future that the United States faces if Hillary Clinton gets into office. She wants to open the borders to migrants. Guess what, the very same issue that Italy is facing could be something that the United States has to face.

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Clinton Would Do The Same Thing To The United States That Europe Is Going Through

Naturally we are going to take in too many refugees and once the United States becomes crowded, we are going to say we can’t accept more or deport some of the ones that shouldn’t have gone in. Then we are going to have human rights activists that are going to complain that we should allow more people in. Basically what is happening in Italy is a look into the future if Clinton is elected president.

If you want to change that, share this article with your friends and family. The more educated we make them, the better chance they are going to vote for Donald Trump and avoid this situation altogether.