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Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has narrowed to 5 points, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday. The same poll on Tuesday showed Clinton leading by 12 points. She was up by 8 points in last Friday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Hillary registers 41 percent support among likely voters, while Trump claims 36 percent. Twenty-three percent said they wouldn’t vote or would pick another candidate.

Pick another candidate? As far as those who have plans to vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) or Jill Stein (Green Party), I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to support one of the “flush your vote down the toilet” candidates. Or what would possess someone to do so. No wonder psychiatry continues to grow as an industry.

jill-stein-TrumpsWeaponGreen Party Candidate Jill Stein

gary-johnson-bud 600Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson

And only the truly stupid would parade around the choice of not voting as a sign of intelligence, a sign of “being above it all.”

By the way, I’ve got news for you conservatives who say you’re going to “vote your conscience”—not voting, or writing in a vote isn’t a sign of conscience, it’s a sign of surrender. Don’t be stupid, if only for the sake of the Supreme Court.

While Hillary seems to continue to show a slight margin among younger voters, Trump has just raised his 35 and up demographic, and continued to solidify his hold on the 65+ crowd. This makes sense, according to the famous quote by Winston Churchill that has now become an old adage: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

Then there are those who tell us they’re undecided. It has been my experience that those who tell us they are undecided tell us that so others will perceive them to be thoughtful and open-minded. Everyone who wants to be cool is an “independent.”

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With the choices as stark in contrast as they are this cycle, if you’re still undecided, it only means that you have no core beliefs, no defining philosophy. In short, it means you’re a moron or worse. So please, spare us the preening and strutting.

Right now, looking at the electoral map, it’s looking like 272 Clinton, 154 Trump—with 270 needed to win. Toss-ups come in at 112. If Trump were to get all the toss-ups to vote for him, that would still only total 266, so he’s going to need to get all the toss-ups, and at least one of the “leaning Clinton” states.

Electoral Map 8:29:2016

Now, that doesn’t look too good for Trump. But wait…don’t touch that dial.

Hillary_Clinton difference 600

Because who among us is still able to look at Hillary’s face (I’ve seen a better face on a clock) and listen to that voice, as we’re subjected to all the garbage she slings on the rare occasions that she’s well enough to take the podium? Does anyone really believe what she’s saying anymore? Does she? It’s becoming clearer with each new passing day that those who support her cannot verbalize a single good reason for doing so that is based in fact.

falls 600

The truth is that as the steady drip, drip, drip of leaks about the emails and that filthy foundation threaten to turn into Niagara Falls, she’s hoping to be saved by the bell. Sorry lady, there’ll be no knockout—Trump’s going all fifteen rounds.

Trump_Romney_boxing_match 600

And so it is that as Hillary’s attacks on Trump continue to reek more and more of desperation, she seems to be pulling herself further down with every new sleazy tactic she tries. And as we watch her go full race card (as she did this week) this early in the race—it’s only August—it reveals that she doesn’t have many cards left to play.

And we still have the debates ahead, not to mention the “October surprise.”

For those not familiar with what’s come to be known as the October surprise, here’s what it refers to: Every presidential election cycle, for as long as anyone can remember, during the month of October, some kind of big event causes some kind of big distraction, and it upends the race.

Christie hug 600In 2012 it was Hurricane Sandy. Sandy hit the northeastern United States October 29, 2012. At that point, Romney had pulled ahead of BO, and the momentum seemed to all be going his way. But after Sandy hit, BO went to New Jersey to pose for some photo ops—of which the most infamous image to come out of them was Governor Chris Christie’s hug of BO—and it was just enough to turn the momentum around in his favor. The election was held November 6, just eight days later.

hippies 600In some sectors it was reported that the momentum turnaround probably had something to do with post-hurricane parties and the simultaneous arrival of a big shipment of trendy psychedelic chemicals arriving in the area (they do that stuff around those parts). The main reason this theory is believed to have merit is because let’s face it—why else would someone change their vote as a result of a candidate going to New Jersey (motto: “Sandy was an improvement”), and getting Chris Christie to hug them? Do you know anybody who would be impressed with BO walking around New Jersey? Neither do we.

And remember, this was TWO MONTHS after Benghazi—so for anyone to change their vote FROM Romney TO BO—well, there just HAD to be some serious drugs involved, (or serious voter fraud, which is even more likely), though I suppose we’ll never know.

And of all things, this cycle there’s every chance that we’re going to see a much better October surprise. (More about that in another column, right here on Conservative Daily Post.)

Also: Many pollsters have wondered aloud about what’s come to be known as the Bradley Effect coming into play as far as polling in this election. This occurs when members of the public may feel under pressure to provide an answer to pollsters that is deemed to be more publicly acceptable, or politically correct. Many observers have posited that this is coming into play this cycle, affecting some people who plan on voting for Trump, but who are afraid to openly admit it because of peer pressure of some sort. Just ask actors in Hollywood, Silicon Valley professionals, or those in academia how that works—they’ve experienced it their whole careers.

See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil 600

And as far as the debates, I say we get rid of the moderators and the audiences. The audiences are disruptive, and many times rude or partisan. That’s not fair. And oftentimes, the moderators are ridiculous and partisan too, becoming caricatures of their usual selves—making the debates about them, rather than about the candidates. We’re made to sit through an hour and a half of insipid and leading questions. There’s too much at stake here to turn it into a WWE show.

Instead, I’d like to see the debates held in a television studio. Only one moderator would be allowed, simply to referee time; otherwise the moderator would be under strict orders—under penalty of death—to butt out.

nixon kennedy debate 600

Here’s how it would sound: “Candidates, you will each have five minutes to talk about one subject, after which we’ll move onto another subject. We’ll alternate, with the initial order determined by coin toss. The first subject is domestic spending. Candidate A, you have five minutes; GO!”

Now THAT makes sense.

Either way, I hear Trump’s a BEAST in the fifteenth round.

He’s won every debate he’s been in so far. And this from a guy whose prior debate experience was limited to where the family was going to have dinner. With Trump, there’s always hope—lots of hope. This ain’t your father’s John McCain, Bob Dole, or Gerald Ford. This is Trump—the guy we’ve been waiting for our whole lives.

decom_Trump boxing 600

She may never see the roundhouse coming. And while it’s not okay to hit a girl, that thing ain’t no girl.

I’ll see you ringside.