Clintons Now In Full Panic Mode


Government should never be too big to fail. When governments begin to serve themselves and not the citizenry, we begin to have major issues going forward.

Our Founding Fathers afforded us guaranteed rights to protect ourselves from the type of governmental tyranny we see today. When people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton abuse their power for many years, it is the right of the people to know the truth. They serve us, not the other way around.

Understanding all of that leads us into WikiLeaks, a group that exposes corrupt, vile politicians that act above the law and literally do whatever they want without suffering any consequences. That is where Hillary Clinton comes front and center.

As we inch our way to Election Day, Julian Assange continues to drop bombshell after bombshell on a daily basis exposing the Clintons. Reports are starting to leak from the Clinton campaign that things are very aggressive and intense. After all, Clinton top strategist called Chelsea Clinton a spoiled brat, and that wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other emails.

Intensity Heating Up

Politico took a look into how the Clintons are doing in the wake of the releases, and reported Bill Clinton is “having a hard time,” Chelsea is “livid,” and Hillary is “pissed.”

Sources have also indicated that Bill and Hill have been remaining apart more, not spending time alone, and have been fighting much more lately given that Donald Trump continues to bring up Bill’s sex scandals and victims on a daily basis.

A secret service agent indicated that following the second debate, when Trump brought four of Bill’s former sexual assault victims, Bill was furious. He could not stomach seeing Trump put his wife through all of that again–as if what Bill actually did wasn’t much worse.

He Brought All Of This Onto Himself

Sources also report Chelsea is not handling the situation well. She is not only upset about being called a “spoiled brat,” but she very angry that people are calling her father a rapist.

She is more upset at people for calling her father what he is as opposed to being mad at him for what he did to dozens of women.

Several Secret Service agents have also requested to be reassigned from her detail because Hillary has become “overly aggressive and too erratic.” They claim every single day there is a new challenge given that more reports and leaks continue to get released.

One agent tells us that every time there is a new WikiLeaks release, Hillary and her team hold meetings at night that last hours. He claims they spend hours trying to formulate plans and spin it for the media. They stay up very late writing new speeches and reaching out to their friendly media cronies, which explains why she is napping all of the time.

It also explains why she has been a ghost from the campaign trail. She hardly campaigns, she does not hold press conferences, and she will not take questions from the media unless they are “friendly” and ride on her plane with her.

If the Clintons are having headaches, fights, and problems now, they are in for a long three weeks because we have only just begun to fully expose all of their filth, lies, and corruption.

The issues have gotten so severe that even Politico, a Clinton friendly publisher, ran a story detailing how bad it is getting between the Clintons and their campaign.

We must keep fighting and spreading the word. They are imploding from within and we still have the power to take them down for good on Election Day.