Crooked Hillary Running Out Of Options As She Is Being Exposed


Let us take a look at who is investigating Hillary these days. A shorter list might be who isn’t.

Hidden emails, FBI investigations, pending criminal charges–this sounds like the resume of a seasoned criminal not the potential new President of the United States.

Maybe we have reached an era where the two can coincide. As the emails continue to be released, the public is being treated to the truth of the Clinton family (again).

They are laughing at us!

Now that the downhill slide has begun, the local FBI offices have joined in and it looks like just a matter of time before Clintons campaign is put out of it’s misery.

New York city, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Miami, and even Little Rock, Arkansas FBI offices have begun their own probe into the Clinton Foundation.

It turns out that Hillary’s do-gooder mask is even thinner than we thought and hiding so much more.

Of course, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, the FBI has never looked into the Clinton Foundation before, right? About a year ago, FBI agents began this exact investigation and were promptly shut down for a whole bunch of seemingly valid reasons.

For instance, access to the computers so the FBI could search for emails regarding the Foundation was denied because, “the plea agreements only extended to emails directly relating to possible national security issues” as well as, “the devices were covered by partial immunity and limited-use agreements that the Clinton lawyers — Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — agreed to with the DOJ. Information recovered from the laptops could only be used in the email investigation and not in others.”

However, they were able to access another source at that point, Anthony Weiner’s computer, and they found evidence they needed to bring their case before the Justice Department, who was open and receptive.  Wrong again!

Sources close to the investigation revealed, “by all accounts, the meeting didn’t go well. The Justice Department officials were stern, icy and dismissive of the case.” Local FBI agents attempted to do their job again and again. They pressed the issue, searching and finding evidence that should have resulted in the top FBI officials supporting their efforts and contributing more resources.

Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe found himself caught in the middle of his agents and the Department of Justice. He was reported to ask the Justice Department, “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?”

This sounds like an official prepared to stand behind his people and do the right thing.

Sources say the agents questioned this directive and were told “…the order had come from the deputy director—Mr. McCabe”


The website for the Clinton Foundation gives us a look at their purpose:

“We operate programs around the world that have a significant impact in a wide range of issue areas, including economic development, climate change, health and wellness, and participation of girls and women.”

They must be referring to their own economic development. Terry McAuliffe, current Virginia governor, former Democratic National Committee chairman, and of course, one of the first members of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors, has been devotedly raising money for Clinton’s campaign.

And since the Clinton family is struggling with a combined income of about $125 million yearly, he even gave them the $1.3 million they so desperately need to buy their 11-room mansion in New York.

Dodging a bullet, perhaps the Clintons assumed this matter was closed and they could focus on,  “Our programs empower girls and women to participate more fully in the social and economic life of their communities.”

The more that we uncover, the more it looks like there isn’t anyone associated with this family and campaign who isn’t corrupt in some way.


The Clintons can’t keep their hands clean. The facade of their politics is crumbling quickly despite Democrat’s tendency to look the other way. Even their attempt to help the world’s needy people, or at least appear like they were, is apparently covered in the filth the scandal of, “financial crimes or influence-peddling.”

There should not be a United States where people are falling in line to vote for this woman.

Why do we need to elect Donald Trump?

Because Hillary and her friends have become the iconic example of political corruption. We cannot afford to elect another politician who can’t even “help” people without an ulterior motive and certainly not one who will embarrass us globally by being a criminal.

Perhaps Hillary is trying to save us the trouble of trying to impeach another Clinton.

I think we should get out now!