If Obama had a son, would he also look like this?

“Why you vote Trump, dammit!”

“You voted Trump? You voted Trump?!” various youths scream from the sidelines.

“Yeaaaaah! He voted Trump!” another jeers.

“Daaaamn!” says an unseen female.

“Man, she bein’ so retarded,” the anonymous cameraman says. “Hey, why y’all do that to that ol’ man?” he feebly objects.

Good question, kid–why don’t you step in to do something about this senseless violence?

The whole time, of course, his attackers have been laying into the helpless old man with haymakers, kicks, shoves, and punches to the face.

Then, one youth leans into the victim’s car to find anything worth stealing.

“You gonna pay for my s**t! You broke my s**t!” a female screams as she struts in the intersection.

I don’t know what this female is screaming about, but I suspect that when the victim tried to drive away or defend himself before the video began, the female’s cell phone or some other electronic device fell and broke.

“Beat his a**!” someone yells.

“Don’t vote Trump! Don’t vote Trump!” others chime in.

The victim’s lighter then appears to get knocked out of his hand or pocket.

“Hey, hey, y’all be gone, police finn’ to come.”

“Hey, take the lighter, y’all!”

At this point, another youth gets into the victim’s empty driver seat and closes the car door. When the victim tries to open the driver-side door, another youth starts smashing his head and neck from behind.

The sound then cuts off in the video, the image wobbles, and when we see the man again, he is being pressed against the rear window. Apparently the thief opened the rear window and three husky partners in crime are ramming the old man’s arm into the window so the driver can pin his arm in the window.

The driver then speeds off through the intersection, dragging the man by the arm as he desperately struggles to stay on his feet.

The camera then pans to the sidewalk and stops a few seconds later.

And now here we are.

As you can imagine, it was extremely hard for me to dissect and write about this video. It’s like watching a true “found footage” horror movie over and over again, but it’s all too real.

I have not been able to determine the location of this vicious attack, the victim’s identity, or that of his cowardly attackers, but if I find any new information, we here at CDP will be sure to keep you posted.

Most people, when they see a video like this, want to block it out by writing it off as a “random incident.” Unfortunately, we must see this “random” attack against the following backdrop:

+ the Soros-backed Black Lives Matter riots of the past few years

+ the Democrat-backed anti-Trump “bird-dogging” violence of the past year

+ the deadly anti-police ambush shootings of the past year or two, which Obama’s and the MSM’s race baiting rhetoric continues to stoke (indeed, two officers were shot just this morning in western Pennsylvania, leaving one dead shortly afterwards)

+ and now the hypocritical protests of “sore losers” in cities like Portland, Austin, Chicago, and New York

“Democracy for me, not for thee.”

As I reported a couple weeks ago, even before Trump won, we saw the same “random” violence, this time in Hollywood, against an old homeless woman who loudly supported Trump.

WARNING: While this video is not nearly as disturbing as the previous video, it is still very upsetting and NSFW.

Do pro-Trump Black Lives also matter?

Since day one, the media and even his fellow Republicans have tried to “blame the victim” by saying that the violent protests at Trump rallies is a direct result of his “dangerous rhetoric.” As we now know, though, those protesters were literally paid, trained, and positioned by the DNC to frame Trump as a dangerous demagogue, a new Hitler.

Liberal Fascism 101

What liberals refuse to accept is that the “dangerous rhetoric” argument cuts both ways. The disturbing violence in videos and protests like we’ve seen in just this post alone are the real face of a cheap hashtag like “#NeverTrump” and #NotMyPresident.” And while I truly commend Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other former critics of Trump for telling Americans to accept Trump as their duly elected next President, I think it behooves them to address and ‘disavow’ actual cases of violence like we are seeing in real time, not just in the abstract.