Can He Do This?


Donald Trump won the election because of bold ideas and strategies. The American people are sick and tired of status quo and political speak. This country drastically needs to make changes, and immigration has just been moved toward the top of President Trump’s agenda.

When President Trump is sworn into office on January 20, 2017, he will vigorously work to ensure that we can truly make American both great and safe again.

Last Sunday, it was reported that Donald Trump planned to immediately construct the policies and strategy to deport the two to three million undocumented immigrants from the United States. Trump argued that we will not seek to disband families, but rather remove criminals starting in January.

Immediately following the announcement, President Obama decided to use his pen and phone in order to defy the American people one last time before he leaves office.

Reports are now surfacing that President Obama will pardon more than 1,000,000 immigrant Dreamers prior to Donald Trump being sworn in on January 20, 2017.

He Plans To Grant Amnesty To Millions More

As of September 2016, more than 740,000 illegal immigrants have been approved for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an amnesty program that grants young adult illegal immigrants a two-year stay of deportation and issues them work permits, entitling them to driver’s licenses and some taxpayer benefits.

While Obama has yet to sign the order and take action, President-elect Donald Trump has signaled he would rip up that order on day one. Fearing Trump would undo all of his horrible Executive Orders, Obama indicated that he pleaded with Trump  to, “go slowly on rolling back those actions.”

President Obama will more than likely do everything in his power to defy what is best for America and keeping the American people safe.

Just to prove how badly we need President Trump’s Wall and immigration plans, here are some quick stats on illegal immigration:

  • 92% of Americans consider illegal immigration to be a problem, 77% believe it to be a “very serious” problem.
  • 90% of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Serious Problem and most Want Expedited Deportations!
  • 71% of illegal immigrants receive some form of government assistance.
  • Taxpayers have paid $183,394,400,000 on the cost of illegals in grades K-12 since 1996.
  • Since 2008, Obama has spent more than $30 BILLION to incarcerate illegals.
  • Since 2008, Obama has spent $113 BILLION on average annually on illegal immigration. That has cost taxpayers more than $900 BILLION since 2008.


We cannot afford to pardon another 1,000,000 illegal immigrants with a criminal record. It makes absolutely no sense to allow people to stay in this country while endangering the lives of Americans. We can no longer spend billions on illegals when the American people deserve those resources.

Under a President Trump, criminally illegal aliens will be deported as soon as January. From then on, we will continue to deport millions more while securing our border with our gigantic wall.

One step at a time, we are making American great (and safe) again!