To convict a suspect in U.S. law, besides providing evidence that ties the suspect to the crime, a prosecutor needs to establish three things: means, motive, and opportunity.

According to Wikipedia:

+ Means refers to “the ability of the defendant to commit the crime.”

+ Motive refers to “the reason the defendant committed the crime.”

+ And opportunity refers to “whether the defendant had the chance to commit the crime.”

Since mid-October, I have been fairly certain that Julian Assange, founder and editor of Wikileaks, is either renditioned (i.e., in a top-secret government interrogation), compromised (i.e., threatened or blackmailed into silence and/or lying), or dead (i.e., DEAD).

I have a number of friends and colleagues who do not agree. First of all, they say, the Wikileaks website and Twitter account are still active, and they have been releasing leaked emails almost every day since mid-October.

Second, they argue, Pamela Anderson said she ate lunch with Assange after his Internet was cut off. Likewise, he gave a webcast lecture to a press conference in Argentina and was seen in a lengthy interview with John Pilger just before Election Day.

As in any criminal case, though, I see the three boxes–Means, Motive, Opportunity–have been checked, which is why I have little to no hope that Assange is alive (or, at least, free enough to do anything more than a dead man) or that Wikileaks is still reliable.


This is too easy. If the U.S. government, or the Clintons, or the globalist elite, really want someone dead, they will find a way. For example, if Assange is lax enough about security that he let someone like Pamela Anderson bring him food from outside the embassy, then he’s lax enough to trust a killer in hiding.


This is also obvious. Hillary Clinton even joked, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” to silence Assange. If Wikileaks does ever release more than the by now quite boring Podesta emails, then the Clintons and the Obamas along with who knows how many other elites will have all their dirty laundry aired out–and they would probably hang for it.

In other words, Assange may have been “useful” and a “hero” 5-10 years ago when he was exposing Republicans, but now that he’s giving equal time to Democrats–he’s got to go.


If Assange is not in jeopardy, then he has done exactly nothing to protect himself from a surprise hit. If someone can bring him a lunch, then someone can also bring him a disposable 4G mobile phone so he could make regular video or (timestamped) photo updates to his supporters. For that matter, he could even just wave from the balcony once a day at a random time.

Instead, his sudden and total silence and lack of any firsthand witnesses since mid-October suggests that opportunity to capture or kill Assange was taken long ago.

But there’s even more evidence that bodes ill for Assange and Wikileaks.

Here are all the comments from the Wikileaks poster on 8chan confirming our worst fears. SPREAD THIS

Screenshots of comments from an alleged Wikileaks insider that have since been erased.

According to an online source:

I’m one of the 15 WikiLeaks personnel that were raided at the same time Julian’s internet was cut at the Ecuadorian embassy. I was issued a national security letter and a gag order, and all my computer equipment was seized.

— On October 21 heavily armed police–in London, mind you!–were seen staking out the embassy. The same day, John Kerry was in London and Assange’s internet access was cut.

We had several contingency communication plans in place, and I have been unable to contact Julian or any WikiLeaks personnel except for one through our alternative communication channels.

— This could be via “the dark web” or an old-fashioned form of offline correspondence.

Julian is missing as are most of the WikiLeaks personnel that I had regular communications with. WikiLeaks personnel are NOT in control of the official Twitter account.

— This became apparent to many Twitter users who had followed Wikileaks for a long time and noticed a sudden change in tone and reply-frequency.

The DDoS attack on the East Coast [of the U.S.A.] prevented the deadman’s switch from being activated. There is a contingency plan, but it requires physical travel. I am on it.

— Perhaps a safe deposit box back in Australia, Assange’s home country?

I am breaking my gag order by posting here, and they will try to track me down. I know I am forfeiting my life by doing this, but I have to warn potential leakers.

— This is a point this source repeats many times: do not send any more leaks to Wikileaks, because Assange’s captors will track down and prosecute the whistleblowers.

We have proof of child exploitation of children in Haiti and the U.K. by the Clinton Foundation. Child exploitation in EVERY COUNTRY is run by the same people at the top. We have proof that the drug market is controlled by intelligence agencies to fund black projects.

— I have been reporting on this global sex ring for weeks now, so it is encouraging to see some thread come together.

Our Podesta leaks were automated and they decided to let them continue because they knew the contents and did not deem them a threat to national security, and they wanted to keep up the charade that WikiLeaks was still operational. … The destruction of WikiLeaks was an unprecedented global effort.

Phase 3, the Clinton Foundation email, would have dealt a huge blow to the old power structure which is why they prevented the release of the emails at all costs.

If there was a question about Julian’s safety, he would immediately appear at the balcony window to the public. He would not want the reputation and credibility of WikiLeaks to be in question.

— In that sense, his captors traded the apparent credibility of Wikileaks for the life of Assange.


If a low-level hacker gets taken out, surely someone like Assange was in the crosshairs.

So much for that anonymous source. What about Assange’s interview with Pilger just over two weeks ago? Doesn’t that prove Assange is alive and well?

Alas, no, for two reasons.

First, nothing in the video clearly refers to current events a week before Election Day, so the footage could have been filmed at almost any time since October 21.

Even if we take Pilger’s testimony at face value, it means that the last time Assange was seen alive was three weeks ago.

Second, there is evidence that the interview footage itself has been tampered with.

Further, as I have discussed before, technology exists which can generate a person speaking and reacting in real time, so even if this is really Assange, his appearance and responses could be altered as needed. Even worse, an actor could be used and “morphed” to appear like Assange.

Remember: this technology can alter pre-recorded (YouTube) videos in real-time, in effect allowing them to be altered as needed.

“These guys can make Putin say anything.”

Where does this leave us?

I don’t know, but I do pray that Assange is okay.

Stay tuned for updates.