He will also be paired with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as his deputy secretary of state, one of the sources added

Carbon Tax, Climate, Trade, Education Policy Concerns Arise with Trump's Likely Secretary of State Selection Tillerson



President-elect Donald Trump may have demonstrated another instance of veering from his core campaign policy platforms with a major cabinet selection in his likely Secretary of State pick, ExxonMobil CEO and chairman Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson has a history of supporting policies opposite to many of the themes the president-elect highlighted during his campaign, including on Common Core education standards, using sanctions to enact foreign policy objectives, carbon tax, climate change, and on global trade and energy policy.

In the Wall Street Journal back in 2013, Tillerson wrote an oped praising Common Core—which Trump opposes—as “vital” to the United States. In it, he said, “Leaders from government and business, and parents,n eed to defend the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted wholly or in part by dozens of states in recent years but are increasingly under attack from across the political spectrum.”

Tillerson wrote that those who believe that the Common Core places control of education in the hands of far-distant bureaucrats—taking it away from teachers and parents and kids—are “misguided” and argued that Common Core is the “path to renewed competitiveness” and should be “at the center of every state’s effort to improve the education—and future—of every American child.”

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