An absolute disgrace


The domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter should never be something we allow to flourish, but under Obama, the group is stronger than ever.

In a recent report, Walmart has officially chosen to side with Black Lives Matter as they will immediately begin selling their branded apparel and other related items. The items will be endless, including ball caps, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, planners, and many other things.


Walmart has made their agenda quite clear to its consumers. They have made no attempt to explain, excuse or rescind their partnership with the terrorist group.

It is also important to remember that Walmart refuses to make cakes with “Blue Lives Matter” on them, they have banned selling anything with the Confederate flag, and they are progressively removing Christian apparel because it is “offensive” to many.

This Christmas, buy American and buy it from your local, small businesses. If you want to be free of the global elitists, vote with your wallet and make them irrelevant.

How does it make you feel seeing Walmart side with Black Lives Matter while removing apparel that promotes Christianity?

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