ISIS forces are being to pushed to desperation. As the vicious battle of Aleppo unfolds terrorists have resorted to using children as weapons.

Syrian media is reporting that a 7-year-old girl calmly walked into a Damascus police station before blowing herself up.

The explosion rattled the busy city and injured three policeman. The little girl perished.

Police sources revealed that the girl innocently asked officers if she could use the bathroom before her handlers detonated the bomb strapped to her waist.

Captured footage of the event shows the building being reduced to rubble after the explosion.

Russian and Syrian forces are triumphing in Aleppo. The rebels are being driven from their last stronghold. Reverberations from the conflict are being felt across the country.

Radical Islamist are committing atrocious acts in the name of Allah. Millions of innocents are being slaughtered by so-called “holy warriors.”

It’s horrifying to imagine a child raised under the tutelage of terrorists. Young lives spoiled by awful men, children who are doomed to suffering that they can’t escape.

The brutal Syrian civil war has displaced millions of people. The desperate refugees are streaming away from Syria and flooding into the West. More than 14,000 Syrian refugees were resettled in the US during 2016.

Radical Islam is steeped violence. ISIS’s plan to establish a global caliphate requires the group to commit to the destruction of the infidel. Western society is seen as a monster that must be vanquished.

President Obama notoriously shied away from denouncing Islamic extremists. Political considerations prevented him from acknowledging the obvious connection between radical Islam and terrorism. Obama’s been sticking his head in the sand like a bird.

President-elect Donald Trump promises a very different administration. He’s been vocal about the dangers posed by religious fanatics in general, and Muslims in particular.

Leftist squeals about Muslim refugees usually include a provision for caring for undocumented children. Yet they conveniently ignore the fact that ISIS routinely recruits children. A person’s age is no guarantee that they haven’t pledged allegiance to terrorists.

A 12-year-old German-Iraqi boy was twice-caught attempting to bomb a popular Christmas market in Germany. The boy’s parents are immigrants who claim to be ignorant as to how their child was radicalized under their very nose.

“Public Prosecutor Hubert Stroeber said the boy left a backpack containing a home-made nail bomb at the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, on 26 November, but the device did not go off because the detonator apparently failed,” writes The BBC.

Germany has been plagued by numerous attacks by children over the past few years. As the country is bombarded by hundreds of refugees a day it becomes harder and harder for government officials to keep track of them all.

The boy’s youth shields him from the German court system. He’ll face no consequences for his multiple murder attempts. The boy’s parents are still considered fit to take care for him.

How did we end up here? Western society is under attack, and we’re still freely allowing the assailants to live with us.

American officials have arrested dozens of kids who attempted to flee to Syria. The terrorists awful message is particularly palatable to young, depressed kids susceptible to fantasies of glory.

Trump’s proposed Muslim ban sounds extreme, but it may be necessary. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish between a devout conservative Muslim and a Muslim terrorist. Too many American lives have been lost to fanatics.

The intention isn’t to ban Muslims from ever entering the US, that’s absurdly racist. No the idea is to temporarily stop potentially dangerous people from entering the US en masse until Homeland Security’s screening methods are vastly improved.

We’ve been attacked by college students and office workers, little girls and new mothers. There is no face of ISIS, the groups insidious message has been imbibed by people from all walks of life. Women and children are nearly as likely to be radicalized as men.

Trump’s administration has indicated that they plan to stem the flow of migrants and refugees pouring across the borders, but it’s questionable how much the president can do to deal with the migrants are already inside the US.

Many are here legally with Obama’s blessing. Others are illegally but so well hidden that they’re virtually invisible to authorities.

Obama risked our safety for 8 years. Now that he’s leaving office it’s up to Donald Trump to correct course and protect the fate of America.