Obama finalizes his shady deal with Iranian President


Remember the Iran nuclear deal? The one President Obama pushed through and was touted as one of his biggest achievements of his presidency? Obama guaranteed it would keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for 10 years. Let’s see how that’s working out.

Since the deal, Iran has openly defied the terms of the agreement as reported here in  Nov. 21 story by Conservative Daily Post writer Allison Hillman several times. According to the report, Iranian violations began even as talks were ongoing. According to the Nov. 21 report:

According to German intelligence sources, Islamic Republic’s spies have been seeking atomic and missile technology in neighboring Germany. The source stated disbelief, “You would think that with the negotiations, [Iranian] activities would drop. Despite the talks to end Iran’s program, Iran did not make an about-turn.”

Iran has never stopped pursuing its nuclear armament

In the story, Hillman also tracks other violations since the deal, including the storage of “heavy water” needed to make a nuclear weapon. Then, it was discovered that the deal is non-binding given that Iran never signed it, making all of the billions Obama returned to the rogue country illegal.

Moreover, the Washington Free Beacon has obtained a Defense Department assessment confirming Tehran is spending billions on its military resources. Iran has openly said they are using the 1.7 billion returned to them by the US on “new and advanced weapons systems.”

According to the report, Obama’s handpicked chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, is trying to fool Congress (and the American people) into believing Iran’s claim is not true, but at the same time admitting to Iran’s sudden and speeding buildup of military weapons.

Dunford stated the buildup is “causing “great concern” among regional allies and other groups, according to information provided to Congress that downplayed the impact of the $1.7 billion payment to Tehran.”

Citing an unclassified communication to Congress last week, the Free Beacon story uncovers Dunford also as saying, ” the Pentagon does not believe Iran has spent some $1.7 billion awarded by the United States as part of what many described as a “ransom” payment to purchase new military equipment.”

If Iran isn’t using the $1.7 billion on weapons system as the Iranian government claims, exactly what is that money being used for, Gen. Dunford? On humanitarian efforts to relocate the poor Syrian refugees (aka terrorists)? No, that’s right, Obama has paved the way to bring them to the US, while Arab nations — including the Saudi’s — have refused to take them.

Iran has a new weapon — the Soumar surface-to-surface missile.

The Free Beacon goes on to report lawmakers on Capitol Hill are skeptical of Dunford’s assessment that Iran was not using the money for military purposes. Yet under questioning by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and 17 other lawmakers, Dunford continued to try to bluff elected officials into buying his “story.”

“Intelligence assesses that the $1.7 billion transferred to Iran probably was allocated predominately to Iran’s economic sector, in accordance with Tehran’s stated emphasis on economic expansion, modernization, and diversification,” Dunford said in response to multiple questions from lawmakers.

The story further states, “One veteran foreign policy insider who liaises with Congress on the issue told the Free Beacon that the Pentagon is working off of politicized intelligence that aims to downplay Tehran’s military aspirations.”

“Literally no one on the Hill takes the Obama administration seriously when they talk about the Iran ransom,” the source said. “Everyone knows the intelligence is politicized to hide the damage done by the president’s diplomacy. There’s a reason every Democrat in Congress voted for locking in Iran sanctions in the Iran Sanctions Act a few weeks ago. American lawmakers have had enough.”

Just as the Obama and his Progressive cohorts have always believed in their arrogant and elitist views, Congress and the American people are below the “great one’s” intelligence level. That we will swallow any pill Obama hands us and wash it down with his “koolaide.” It would also seem Hillary’s rejection by the American people would make them realize we aren’t drinking the “koolaide” anymore. But apparently not, given Dunford’s report to Congress of the failed Iranian nuclear deal.

So where is the REAL story in all of this Iranian fiasco spearheaded by Obama? The one the MSM failed to report? It is in the words “ransom payment,” and a story about a “secret” cargo of millions sent to Iran on a plane. It begins how the Obama administration may have purposely leaked that story to distract the MSM and the American people from the truth. A distraction that might them time.

It goes back to an Aug. 3 story first broke by the Washington Post and picked up by the MSM including Fox News.

As reported by Fox News , just as the plane carrying the American prisoners Iran was holding took off, “under the shadow of darkness” another plane was landing in Tehran. A plane, later confirmed by Obama and his state department secretary, John Kerry, as carrying 400 million of mixed currency as the first installment of the 100 billion that was to be returned under the Iranian nuclear deal.

But White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, told reporters during press briefing denying the 400 billion had nothing to do with the hostages or the Iran deal but goes back to a 1979 deal made involving the former Shah of Iran. According to Earnest, the money belonged to Iran because in that deal with the Shah, the US was paid for military equipment that Iran never received.

Earnest even blames Republicans for intentionally using the 400 billion payment as a propaganda tool. He says those on the “right” who oppose the Iran deal are trying to distort the facts.

Thus, the MSM feeding frenzy began.

The US was paying “ransom” for the return of hostages. Obama could not have timed the exchange better. It was a plan to distract away from the money itself and how it was going to be used. Fox moderators did voice a concern Iran could use the money for its state sponsored terrorism, a narrative that had been ongoing up until the exchange. However, the narrative seem to be drowned out by one that asked, should the US be paying for the return of hostages.

On one side of the prolonged debate of the narrative, “Ransom payments” will only embolden terrorists and rogue nations to kidnap more Americans. Or, on the flip side, it is worth it  if American lives are saved and returned home to their families.” Obama was counting on the compassion of all Americans have for hostages and their families. And so the MSM took the bait and ran with it. And as they ran with it, the money to Iran continue to flow, upwards of 1.7 billion that we know about.

Was this exchange “under the shadow of darkness” in Aug. a “ransom payment?” Or was there a deeper darker story unfolding, one the Obama administration carefully planned and orchestrated?

Obama is undermining national security thru secret deals

Why would a US President continue talks with a state sponsored terrorist nation while proof indicated Iran was breaking the rules in the first month? Why would a US President continue forward with the terms to return billions when he knew the deal was never signed? And if this “secret” plane carrying millions to Tehran was so “secretive,” how did it end up on the front page of the Washington Post?

Recent history has shown when a “leak” occurs under Obama, there is another story being hidden from the American people.

As a magician uses “slight of hand,” Obama’s “transparency” shows the American people what he has in his right hand, while hiding “under the shadow of darkness” what he is holding in his left.

Always read the fine print when it comes from Obama.