Obama refuses to stop arming Syrian rebels. The outgoing president is tampering with foreign policy with only weeks left in office.

Rebel forces in Syria are collapsing under the weight of never-ending bombardments by Iranian and Russian forces. They’ve been blasted out of Aleppo, their last stronghold. Obama’s weak support is the last lifeline that the rebels have.

The question is, why is Obama doing it? There’s no moral high-ground that Americans can find in Syria. Our allies are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Muslim-majority countries that routinely trample on basic human rights.

Arming the rebels in Syria irritates Russia and divides forces that should be fighting ISIS. Obama the war-monger doesn’t mind. Fighting both sides of the war increases military spending and prolongs the conflict.

The Syrian rebels aren’t a ragtag group of do-gooders. Many are rightfully enraged at the treatment they’ve endured under President Bashir al-Assad, but others are little more than terrorists. Many have connections to groups like Al Qaeda.

Fueling the fire that’s currently consuming Syria empowers Islamic extremists. ISIS is strengthened when Russia is forced to battle Syrian rebels instead.

Obama’s throwing a wrench in Donald Trump’s foreign policy plans before the future president is even inaugurated. Trouble in Syria threatens the proposed change in relations between the US and Russia. Trump has already expressed his desire to take a sensible course in Syria, but his actions have now been complicated. He can’t make America look weak abroad. If Obama promises something, Trump will have to follow through or have a very good reason for not doing so.

Investigative reporters recently uncovered a $1 billion trail linking arm sales in Syria to Obama’s administration. Suddenly, the president’s actions make a lot more sense. So much money is being made by the devastation in Syria that it’s a reason in of itself to prolong the struggle.

The entire Middle East has been destabilized by Obama’s actions. Thousands of lives have been lost and millions have been forced from their homes. The man of peace ushered in a new era of chaos.

On the campaign trail, Trump expressed his disapproval of Obama’s actions, particularly those regarding Syria. He excoriated the president’s decision to arm the rebels, and wondered why the administration hadn’t fostered a closer relationship with Russia.

Vladimir Putin seemed amenable to forging a warmer relationship with the US, but his sympathies will likely harden as his forces continue to be attacked by Syrian rebels.

“Thus ruling out the possibility of co-operation with Russia and Syria over fighting IS, Obama’s decision to bolster the “rebels” appears to be as much of an attempt at “rescuing” these groups from the Trump administration as from the Syrian forces…”writes the New Eastern Outlook.

Outgoing president’s usually refrain from making major policy decisions, understanding that to do so is no longer their job. Obama shouldn’t be creating new problems for Trump to deal with, he should be making the next president’s job as easy as possible.

Obama’s tenure has been plagued with allegations of connections and links to terrorist organizations. For good reason. Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are more powerful than ever.

The US president Barack Obama’s most recent announcement about lifting the previously imposed restrictions on the supply of (sophisticated) weapons to the “Syrian rebels” not only glaringly shows the true nature of the conflict as a foreign imposed, but also sheds light on the American establishment’s obsession with imposing regime change in Syria regardless of the human cost.

This announcement is nothing short of a departing gift by the US president to the “rebels” who have lost most of the territory they had under their control until a year ago.” writes NEO.

The human costs of Obama’s miscalculations has been staggeringly high. Thousands of people have been slaughtered because of his policies. American and Syrian lives have been endangered.

Obama’s legacy will be one of bloodshed and destruction. Trump must break away from his predecessors example and forge an entirely new path. Stop arming the rebels, or at least stop arming them in such a halfhearted way. If Obama actually wanted to decimate Bashir al-Assad’s forces he could. He doesn’t do so because he fears retaliation from Russia or Iran.

Trump should completely stop the US from providing arms from the terrorists, and join forces with Russia to rout ISIS out of the Middle East. The Syrian rebels fight is not ours, especially while we list a country like Saudi Arabia as one of our biggest allies.

Unfortunately Obama still has almost four weeks left in which to wreak havoc. He might critically injure Trump’s ability to soothe tensions in the Middle East.

What would happen then? Perhaps the endless, recurring conflicts that Obama seems to desire, the conflicts that keep the American industrial military complex flush with cash.