North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

Barack Obama has proven to be very adept at manipulating voters by preying on the emotions of hatred and fear. He used both of these strong motivators to help Black Lives Matter become a far-reaching social movement dedicated to tearing down law and order in the U.S.

He probably never thought he’d find an ally in establishment Republicans, but they have discovered common ground in their desire to demonize Putin and push for military intervention against Russian forces in Syria. It is unclear what the final objective is, but one thing is certain: Putin has done more to fight ISIS rebels in Syria than Obama has.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a great guy who we should place a lot of trust in. But it does mean that he is a much stronger leader than President Obama when it comes to standing up against radical Islamic terrorists.

President-Elect Trump has promised that he will try to forge a good working relationship with Russia in order that we may cooperate in wiping out ISIS. since Trump broke with establishment protocol on this issue, the White House has ramped up efforts to paint Putin’s Russia as our most dangerous adversary, and to connect the leader to Trump.

Nobody seems to remember the last time a Russian militant drove a truck through a crowd of revelers, shot up a night club, or detonated a suicide bomb in a crowded marketplace. We also can’t remember a time when Obama spoke with forceful resolve about the need to fight radical Islam.

Putin on the other hand, can claim victory in retaking Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, from militant guerillas.

And he was able to accomplish that with the U.S. fighting him every step of the way.

Putin is no longer playing games...

The Democrats’ main allegation against the Russian president is that he interfered with our elections by hacking in to the DNC email server and releasing private emails to Wikileaks. In an effort to muddy the issue, the media is claiming that Russian hackers “stole the election”. Even if it were true that Russian hackers released the DNC emails, it’s highly unlikely that the emails had an appreciable impact on the election outcome.

Julian Assange and other people involved with Wikileaks have strongly denied these allegations, insisting the leak came from a Washington insider. Both Putin and Trump have also brushed the allegations off as “absurd”.

While Obama and the mainstream media use their sleight-of-hand to make Americans focus on unproven allegations against Russia, a very real danger is quietly gathering more steam.

North Korea has not been in the news much lately, but rest assured they are working as hard as ever on their efforts to become a nuclear power and force the rest of the world to bargain with them. Time and again, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has used his country’s nuclear ambitions to extort money from Western powers.

North Korea Trains Hacker Army

North Korea also operates a well-known and highly-skilled computer hacking organization. With so much attention on cyber warfare in the past weeks, it’s surprising that the communist regime has not been mentioned even once in the American press.

The last time the small Asian nation made headlines was when they were suspected of hacking into Sony Picture’s emails and exposing private communications. In that 2015 incident, embarrassing emails were released that revealed racism and other politically incorrect content coming from some of the high-level executives at the company. Amy Pascal, who served as the co-chairwoman, was forced to step down from her position.

That cyber attack was allegedly in response to Sony’s release to the film The Interview, a comedy film about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

While hacking into the email servers of a private corporation like Sony is probably not as difficult as breaching government systems, it does demonstrate that they have the ability to wage high-level cyber warfare against the U.S.

Hackers Show "Dear Leader" Their Operations

Nobody is more aware of North Korea’s offensive capabilities than its neighbor to the south.

The Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, a South Korean government agency, issued a grave warning that North Korea’s army of hackers has the capability to “paralyze” the networks of the U.S. Pacific Command’s control center, and take out massive sections of the U.S. power grid as well.

South Korean spies have also revealed that Pyongyang has roughly 6,800 cyber warfare specialists who are training full time on methods to hack into Western defense and financial networks.

Some observers have estimated that North Korea spends 10 to 20% of its annual military budget on cyber operations.

A computer science professor who defected from the tyrannical regime in 2004 told BBC reporters that North Korean hacking teams are fully capable of destroying critical infrastructure in the United States, causing many deaths. They have repeatedly used their capabilities to attack South Korean targets such as banks and power plants.

“The reason North Korea has been harassing other countries is to demonstrate that North Korea has cyber war capacity,” said the escaped professor.

“Their cyber-attacks could have similar impacts as military attacks, killing people and destroying cities. Although the nuclear plant was not compromised by the attack, if the computer system controlling the nuclear reactor was compromised, the consequences could be unimaginably severe and cause extensive casualties,” he added.

North Korea's Military Ambitions a Threat to World Stability

So here we have a communist nation run by a cruel dictator, who openly expresses hostility to the United States, and repeatedly violates international nuclear proliferation agreements – but they are not deemed an important threat by Obama and the media. We are told instead to focus on Russia, who has openly expressed the desire for more friendly relations with the United States.

It’s clear that Obama and the Democrats lack the leadership to keep Americans safe. In the face of Islamic extremists who have committed atrocious terror attacks, the typical response from the left is to shrug and express sympathy for the perpetrator, while ignoring the victims.

So why should we believe their unsubstantiated claims about Russian hackers? They can’t even identify and take out known threats. Many of the attacks were committed by people who had been watched for years by the FBI, and were not stopped. Yet we are supposed to believe that they can pinpoint the source of network breach within a few weeks?

If they have any proof, now is the time to reveal it. In fact the administration has been sued for failing to provide any of their information about the hacks. Under Obama, our government’s credibility has plummeted.

When Trump takes office later this month, we can finally begin the process of restoring relations with potential allies, and eliminating dangerous threats from rogue regimes.