Most of you might remember an incident that blew up because of the response that occurred. In short, after Donald Trump won the presidential election, he accepted a call from the president of Taiwan, which went against decades of United States policy.

In the past, the United States would only deal with China. When Trump went against that, China was less than happy. Once again bowing to China, President Obama placed a couple calls to the nation to assure them that the United States would only deal with them in terms of trade and foreign relations.

However that was what President Obama and his administration wanted. That is nowhere near what the incoming Trump administration wants. Trump has spoken about making sure we get better trade deals with China, and that they are not going to boss him around and say who he can and can’t talk with.

That mindset has now been drilled into the minds of the other politicians as Senator Ted Cruz met with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, in Houston, Texas, effectively rejecting a Chinese demand that other lawmakers not meet with her. This meeting effectively stated that other countries would not boss around the United States.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to hear the audience at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada February 22, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young - RTX284CF

Texas Governor Greg Abbot and a group of Texas legislators joined Cruz in the meeting. After the meeting was over, Cruz sent a powerful message to China that was in response to a letter by Chinese officials to the Houston congressional delegation. The letter was asking them not to meet with the leader of Taiwan. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

“The People’s Republic of China needs to understand that, in America, we make decisions about meeting with visitors for ourselves,” Cruz, a Senator from Texas as well as a former presidential candidate, said in a statement after the meeting.

“This is not about the PRC. This is about the U.S. relationship with Taiwan, an ally we are legally bound to defend. The Chinese do not give us veto power over those with whom they meet.” That statement holds a lot of power, considering that it is entirely true. Why does China get to choose who talks to the United States and who doesn’t?

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Cruz met Tsai in Houston, while she is traveling through the United States this weekend before heading to Central America. Again, this is historic because it was following the phone call that was between Trump and Tsai following the presidential election.

That one call is still believed to be the first between a U.S. president OR president-elect and a leader of Taiwan since the late 1970s. It was around the same time that the diplomatic relations between the two countries was cut off. China and Taiwan have had a complicated past, as China has regarded Taiwan a renegade province that should be returned to them.

The United States adopted a “One China” policy that was supposed to help facilitate diplomacy with Beijing. Now, Chinese officials warn that the United States is on a path that is going to abandon it.

However Cruz didn’t seem to care about that message. The Chinese letter to the Houston congressional delegation had asked lawmakers to not meet with Tsai and to uphold the “One China” policy. The Senator actually disregarded the message, saying, “We will continue to meet with anyone, including the Taiwanese, as we see fit.”

“The U.S.-Taiwan relationship is not on the negotiating table. It is bound in statute and founded on common interests. I look forward to working with President Tsai to strengthen our partnership.” That is the exact sentiment that Donald Trump had when he had the original call with Taiwan.

Trump has said time and time again that China has essentially played the United States in terms of trade. He has called the trade deals very unfair and that when he was president, he would fix them so that they were fairer to the country. That was essentially what happened in the meeting with Cruz and the president of Taiwan.

Cruz said he and Tsai had “discussed our mutual opportunity to upgrade the stature of our bilateral relations in a wide-ranging discussion that addressed arms sales, diplomatic exchanges, and economic relations.” Basically, Cruz and Trump are on the same page that they are not going to be dictated by other nations anymore and they are going to do what is best for the United States.

I really wish that could have been said about some other leaders in the country. After that original phone call between Trump and Taiwan, Obama called China and apologized for the call. Once again, Obama was bending to the whim of what China wanted instead of his own country.

That is a common trait of Obama though. He will always do what he can to help out other nations while simultaneously destroy his own. This is the same president that accepted 2,500 refugees from a nation that they were originally denied, and brought them to the United States. While he did that, he refused to answer any questions about them.

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Wouldn’t you agree it’s about time this happened? We dictate terms around the world, and its time that we acted like it again!