There are more ironies found in today’s Iran deal news than there is in any story that has trended in quite some time. The nuances are so vague that it could easily be assumed that upwards of 90% of the people who read the story did not even notice a glimmer of half of corruption. Much like Alexander the Great faced with Gordian Knot, so it is that we attempt to unravel the many elements of double speak that is the Iran deal.

To begin, we know Obama is trying to downplay (lie) the true expense of the deal. The amount being truly paid out may never be known, but that is but the tip of the Pinocchio. Iran is receiving a large shipment of deadly uranium as part of the deal from Russia. This is rich with irony for a number of reasons.

To start with, Trump called the deal bad and one of the worst deals in our history. The media loves to attack Donald Trump for saying that he respects Putin, but they always forget that he also said that in no way did that mean that he agreed with Putin on any given issue. Not wanting to go to war with Putin or discovering the facts that seem to prove that Russia had NO part in US elections does not mean that Trump likes this deal seeing Russia send uranium to Iran. To the contrary, Trump’s feelings on Iran are well known.


Moving onto to point number two, Iran says that it has no interest in developing nuclear weapons with the deadly uranium. That is interesting to note because it makes one wonder why Russia would have agreed to the deal. It turns out that Russia is giving Iran NON ENRICHED (aka “nuclear bomb ready” in layman’s terms) uranium in exchange for the ENRICHED uranium.

As for the fuel now being used for a power plant, Iran does not yet have a power plant. They can store the uranium, but most likely they will sell it. This is legal, but there is no law that says that Iran has to do either. Perhaps they will simply enrich it again now that they have all of the gold and cash in place to more easily mask their dishonesty, all to a chorus of “Death to America,” no less.

Obama really screwed us over with this deal…

Putin was involved in government, likely the KGB, at the time of the dreadful Chernobyl nuclear disaster that causes birth defects in those areas to this very day. They know that Iran is building an earthquake zone, which will quite likely cause a radioactive nightmare not seen since Fukushima, so it is far better that Iran has less enriched uranium on hand when it happens.

Terrorists can not yet construct nuclear bombs, but they can attach them to explosives and send the health destroying, cancer causing radioactive toxins all over any area that they curse with it. Those toxins, in the case of even non-enriched uranium, would remain deadly for 4.5 BILLION YEARS! Many have feared that this kind of liken chicanery is what Iran has had planned all along.

We know Iran is not above funding terrorists, especially given that they are the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism.

This deal has set the stage for the world to see a nuclear disaster or attack that will make the Middle East and the Northern Hemisphere glow like Hilary Clinton’s victory fireworks display almost did.

Every day we hear about billions in gold, billions in cash, uranium being delivered to a war zone, and terrorists wanting to make dirty bombs to poison their own land. They don’t seem to grasp that even if they do nuke a land to take over, the cancers from such an attack will kill the sharia practitioner as quickly as the infidel. What are they going to do with poisoned land?

The same holds true for Israel. If a full nuclear warhead WAS to hit Israel, are they blind to the fact that there would be no Mecca? No land, nothing but sand that has blasted to a state of glass that will be poisoned during the entire life of the rest of the Earth?

Perhaps ISIS should spend a little less on quality video gear and black hoods, spending a bit more on a physics book before they engage in such practices. Iran is a decently cultured nation, so they should even more honestly know these basic facts, and most likely do.

That is what makes Trump so very correct in his analysis of the Iran deal. If the rest of the world does not properly awaken to just what is happening, not only shall the irony be lost, but so shall all of us with it.