One of the strangest stories to hit the news cycle in recent memory tells of a park ranger that was attacked by a raccoon while on duty. He took out his gun and, in an attempt to halt the attack, shot at the angry animal. The ranger missed the raccoon and instead literally shot himself in the foot. Now while the image of this dolt with an angry raccoon attack happening on his leg while he scrambles on one foot is (wrong or right) making the laughter spout like a water main break, perhaps we should take the time to see if Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto is related to the fallen ranger because he has just done the same thing.

While he did not shoot himself in quite the same literal sense that our dear ranger did, the ranger likely healed a lot faster than Nieto will in that his canceling of a meeting with Trump over Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for the wall resulted in the Peso failing faster than a Milli Vanilli comeback tour. Somehow Mexico has it in their heads that it is America’s job to pay for the criminals that Mexico refuses to take back, but who Mexico allowed criminals there to roam unjailed free to crawl into the nation illegally.

America is racist or somehow infringing upon Mexico if we demand payment for housing and paying the costs that Mexico should be paying to lock up their own criminals instead of allowing them to roam into the U.S. to start with. If Mexico won’t pay for the housing of these criminals then an end to their influx is simply mandatory.


If Nieto does not soon come to see this for himself, he may not have a Peso left. It now takes 21.3175 Pesos to equal a dollar after it fell rapidly today upon news of Nieto’s stubbornness. We are not talking about those that have respected the law of the land and come in legally like students or those with green cards.

Trump is even talking about getting the costs of becoming a citizen more reasonable for the poor from Mexico to come more easily, but he is also demanding that a wall be built to help stop the illegal onslaught, which is hardly unreasonable.

Neito caved to demands from the more foolish from within the Mexican political system and canceled the planned Tuesday meeting after it was called an “affront to Mexico.” There is no word from any Mexican official about how it is not an affront on America to be expected any less, but one thing has been learned, and that is for those who say that Mexico will just turn around and tax our vehicles entering Mexico if Trump does it to them; it ain’t gonna’ happen.

The reason is because Mexico buys a lot more off of the America than America buys from Mexico. Not many things say, “Made in Mexico,” and hell, most of the time they don’t even put the worm in the tequila anymore.


Here is a fun game to show liberals who just don’t understand this. Ask them the following questions:

  1. It is racist to demand that public schools be in all one language?
  2. It is wrong to conduct all business in one language, all ballots in one language, and for non-residents to never have the right to vote no matter how long they have been there?
  3. Is it also wrong for non-citizens to NEVER be able to hold public office, for all immigrants to be barred from public assistance and be deported if proven to be a burden, and if foreigners invest it must be at 40,000 times the minimum wage?
  4. Is it racist if the choicest parts of the nation can only be sold to those who were born in the land and is it wrong to deport foreigners who hold protests?
  5. Lastly, if someone sneaks into the nation, they are to be hunted, jailed, and their belongings are to be stolen, is that going too far?

When they say that it is all hellish, evil, and that it is why they hate Donald Trump, do smile brightly before informing them that this is what Mexico has as official policy, not Donald Trump. The laws that Mexico has on the books is nothing short of draconian compared to what the U.S. has on the books, and our laws books have dust from disuse on them. Mexico actually uses their law books. Then again, it is always permissible for Mexico and even those on the left in America to play the race card on anyone who wants a secure border, but they never know nor address these facts when done towards us. Does this mean that Mexico is racist?

Rather, they just blather on like records played at the wrong speed about how immoral and fascist it is to want to see the laws of migration honored. Most people in America are not even in favor of laws as strict as those that Mexico has because once a nation goes that far, they are not just bordering on fascistic, but outright stupid.

This is true because it limits the brightest people in the world or those that may bring a lot of richness to Mexico from ever wanting to go live there because even when one is a citizen, it is like being a half citizen. However, to the extent that Mexico protects their border and how they treat those that did not respect their migration laws, it seems that the U.S. could learn a lot from Neito.


NAFTA has cost America jobs, talent, and respect in ways that we may never fully recover from. Why do we need NAFTA, can’t nations make anything themselves anymore? If NAFTA fails there should be joy and shouting in the street of every city in the United States, so sorry Neito, but that is not a threat, that is actually a massive incentive.

As we move onward, Mexico would be wise to just agree to a small up charge on the border, pay it, make sure it is drafted to end when the wall is paid for, and kindly shut up. That may sound rude, but not nearly as rude as allowing their known criminals to sneak into America just so they don’t have to pay for the problem as is their responsibility as a nation, so they are getting off easy.

As for those “dreamers,”  is it too much to ask them to dream as they enter through the door?