Women beaten, pepper sprayed by crazed thugs before Milo event

Prominent left-wing journalists and celebrities responded to the violent riot and beatings of Trump supporters outside a Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Berkeley by encouraging, defending or justifying the attacks.

Trump supporters were beaten with flag poles, punched and stomped during the chaos, with another woman being pepper sprayed during a TV interview.

The behavior perfectly fits the definition of domestic terrorism, and Antifa should now be officially designated as a domestic terrorist group.

President Trump responded to the mayhem by threatening to cut off federal funds to UC Berkeley.

However, instead of decrying the violence, prominent leftists across the spectrum justified and even applauded it.

Hollywood director Judd Apatow threatened Trump supporters with a since deleted tweet in which he stated, “This is just the beginning. When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake?”

The Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin also legitimized the riots by calling them a reaction to “hate speech”.

After the riots, Google engineer Adrienne Porter Felt called on people to donate to UC Berkeley.

Buzzfeed’s Hannah Jewell apparently thought the beating and pepper spraying of women was funny.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin slammed Trump for being “upset….over a Breitbart editor,” presumably unaware of the fact that innocent people were beaten by the rioters.

VICE columnist Hussein Kesvani’s main gripe was that Milo Yiannopoulos was made to appear “reasonable”.

This is the violence that the mainstream media and the left has legitimized for the last 18 months. This process intensified after news outlets like the Nation and Newsweek celebrated alt-right leader Richard Spencer being punched in the face during the inauguration last month.

This is what happens when leftists openly call for Trump’s assassination and argue that violent attacks on his supporters should not be condemned.

It is also important to note that Antifa radicals do not care if they are loathed and hated by the vast majority of Americans. They don’t care how bad the optics look of masked thugs violently shutting down free speech. They will always resort to violence because they can safely rely on the media to report the as a “protest” and not what it actually was – a violent riot laced with instances of domestic terrorism.

The media will never acknowledge that this was a violent riot because they want to maintain the “chaos narrative” that the Trump administration is illegitimate, permanently in crisis and unstable.

In reality, the only thing that is “illegitimate” is these “protests,” because they are not protests, they are violent riots and have no place in a civil society.