For years and years, we have all heard about the horrors of inner city life and how violence, drugs, and gang activity are all linked in many instances to a lack of education. Black mothers and fathers, in particular, are told to stand up and take charge of what their kids are doing.

However, it seems that when a responsible black mother does just that, the very “big brother” government and Democrat-laden social welfare workers that told her to do so descend like spiders to put a halt to it. It seems that black lives really do only matter when they are towing the Democrat Party line, otherwise they are called Uncle Toms by people like Snoop Dogg or they have their children taken away.

While not yet slandered by a cultural icon, a brave single mother in Buffalo, New York, named Kiarre Harris grew tired of seeing her child doing poorly in school and seeing them fall further and further behind other children. Like many children who face hardships and struggle to learn in the socialist indoctrination centers that we call public schools, she felt that her children would be well suited for a homeschooling setting. She began looking into the perfectly legal option as Buffalo Public Schools continued to (like the Bills) drop the ball.

Harris says, “I felt that the district was failing my children and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool,” which is a common complaint heard not just in Buffalo, but New York state as a whole. Harris says that she filed all of the proper paperwork to prove that it was not truancy and she informed Buffalo City Hall of her plans to homeschool.

She has even shown news crews and social media outlets her legal documentation. CPS said that her documentation did nothing to stop the trampling of her parental rights.This means that the state has essentially kidnapped her children for no reason whatsoever and has not allowed her see them in three weeks. This is what happens when groups like Children Protection Services (CPS) are given free reign to run amuck with an agenda.

A group that once existed to stop the worst of child abuse is now on the state dole to such a large degree that, much like the for-profit prison industry locks up citizens for everything, CPS must take children who are in loving and bountiful homes just to keep the funding pouring in.


The wronged mother goes on to say that, “I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school.” There is no way then, even being a wasteful government entity with little idea of how to run even a lemonade stand, that when CPS goons and police officers approached Harris on the issue of her children’s attendance that they did not know any better. This most certainly is not negligence to detail but an all out attack on the rights and duties of a parent by a state that craves the power to indoctrinate them, even it means making another black life(s) a statistic.

She was told by the thugs and child snatchers from CPS that a court date had been set and that she would be arrested if she didn’t allow the state to take her children though she was 100% innocent of any wrongdoing. Harris did what any loving mother who was in the right would do and refused and the jackboots did in fact, have her arrested on obstruction charges.

While it would be paid for by the taxpayers sadly, many are surely praying that when she gets her day in court, should she choose to sue, that Buffalo CPS is sued to such a large degree that they will have to get rid of half of the worthless staff lurching there for this. Maybe a streamlined and better leashed CPS can then focus on real crimes against children instead of inventing new ones to gain money and control over honest families.

Should Harris (wisely) decide to sue, she may have quite the legal leg to stand upon since CPS is already trying to back peddle and weasel out of the wrongdoing. According to reports, CPS has said only that a mother must have full custody of the child to take the child out of public school. The only problem with this excuse is that Harris does and HAS had full custody of her children for a very long time. That is strike number two, CPS.

At the end of the day this is about government control. The idea of homeschooling is hated by the left because it allows the parent to teach and police how facts are given to their children and in what way, free of government bias from either side. The Democrats and CPS groups detest Charter Schools for the same reason.

They froth at the mouth at the idea that each taxpayer would have ever the option to leave their child in a public school or move them to a different option because this means not only less money, but less of a chance to force views that are downright false (such a the idea that a man can be a woman BIOLOGICALLY when they can not, and vice versa) upon children that know no better.

This idea of choice for parents is also hated because if every parent knew just how many other parents are fed up with the failure that is public schools in America then their whole game would be over. The floodgates would open and an exodus would occur as if the playgrounds were toxic, so fast would most parents yank their kids from public schools. Some would have whiplash.


There is a reason that homeschooling is catching on, especially now that the internet has made it possible for more quality to be assured in the home environment. Homeschoolers typically are far advanced beyond those who are not, and while not always to such a degree, Charter Schools and most religious schools also show marked advancement. Contrary to the lies that the left drums up about religious education, most students from such a school can tell a person more about both the Big Bang AND Creationism by the sixth grade than public school children can by the time that they graduate college.

Thankfully America is awakening to the many options that exist beyond the grip of a public education system that is not even worthy to be called that any longer. Now it will be quite vital that every parent that feels the need to exercise their freedoms and liberties about raising their kids to do so before the iron fist of Big Brother comes down and miseducation at the hands of the government is mandatory.