CBS Terrorist reporting

Terrorism happens to be a giant concern to the people of the United States. The thought that some radical Islamic fighter is going to blow themselves up, killing and injuring dozens or hundreds of people is not a pleasant thought to have.

What makes this worse is when the news stations go on television to talk about the terrorist attack and go through their life history. Naturally the liberal media tries to twist it as to not blame Muslims for the attack, even though it was due to a radicalized Muslim.

However there is something worse than the media discussing the terror attack. That would be when they don’t report on it. There is nothing like not hearing about a significant event, like a terror attack, not being reported on the news. President Donald Trump made headlines when his White House released a list of 78 terror attacks that the press failed to cover adequately.

As stated before, the media would downplay the Islamic factor in the attack, as would former President Obama. If he discussed the attack at all, he would then add to the end that Islam is not the enemy of the United States. As it turns out, the Trump White House was correct in saying that the press didn’t cover the terror attacks adequately.

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CBS News actually admitted that they didn’t cover about 25 percent of the terror attacks, period. They didn’t make a passing notion on it in the slightest. There was absolutely zero mention of a quarter of those terror attacks that the White House released.

That isn’t just disturbing; it’s also proving that the media doesn’t want to cover events that would place Muslims in a poor light. They can try and defend this all they want, but the fact of the matter remains that the media will do what they can to not discuss events that involve radical Muslims.

CBS News reported, “ The White House prefaced its Monday evening release with a statement saying that, since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) declared its caliphate in 2014, ‘There has been a major attack targeting the West executed or inspired by the group more than once every two weeks.’”

“’Most have not received the media attention they deserved,’ the White House added, although many of the attacks were covered by the media.” The key word there is most. In situations like these, most is not an acceptable answer. We are talking about terrorist attacks here, not the score of the Super Bowl or World Series or anything like that.

“CBS News covered, in some cases heavily but at least to some extent, more than 74 percent of the attacks on the list.” Back in school, a 74 percent grade would be average. That isn’t something that people want to shoot for. Again, considering the significance of the incidents, this is something that HAS to be covered extensively.

However, they will spend days and days reporting on protests and opposition to Donald Trump. How many times have you heard about protests being discussed on the mainstream media since Donald Trump was first elected president? Even worse is that they don’t acknowledge the violence that is occurring.

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In every protest, outside of the Woman’s march on January 21st, there has been some form of violence in these attacks. Most of the violence is directed to those people that support President Trump in his endeavors. Seriously during his inauguration there were people setting riots and cars and limos into the streets.

The media is willing to report on that, and even turn the people against the police force for arresting the rioters, but they are nowhere to be found on a quarter of terrorist attacks. They don’t report on 1 in 4 terrorist attacks that happen. As previously stated, that is worse than reporting on the ones that do happen.

At least with the reported events, you know what happened. When they don’t make any sort of mention, it’s literally taking the information out of the viewers hands. Uninformed viewers are not something that the world needs right now. However that is what CBS News just admitted that they were doing. Make another mark for something that Donald Trump was correct about.

Of course the media has been biased against Trump and Republicans from the very start. CNN has been the biggest advocate of this as they have been proven to be a supporter of Hillary. They were literally discussing about what would happen should Donald Trump be assassinated before he was inaugurated. What news station does that?

The White House is effectively denying CNN entrée to an arena in which officials will often drop hints at upcoming events, and deliver quotable quotes for the press about the current state of affairs.

CNN has been so anti-Trump in their reporting and stories that it finally reached a breaking point. Trump sent a shockwave through the media world when he banned CNN from the White House. If they were constantly going to be biased against him in situations that don’t warrant it, then why should they be welcomed?

Share this article to show that CBS has nonchalantly admitted that they didn’t cover a quarter of the terror attacks that were released by the White House. They just proved that Trump was correct and that the media doesn’t cover terror attacks adequately. They’re more than happy to report on an anti-Trump protest though. What’s more important, a terror attack or some people against Trump?