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(The Free Thought Project)  It appears that CNN has launched a war on those who attempt to call out the mainstream media’s lies, by comparing those who use the term ‘fake news’ with those who use derogatory and racial slurs like the ‘n-word.’

Late last year, as the presidential election was coming to an end, the Washington Post launched a full-on attack against anyone who dared question the establishment narrative — the term ‘fake news’ was born.

For weeks, the Post and other outlets waged war on supposed ‘Fake News’ outlets even going so far as to put out an arbitrary list of dozens of sites they deemed ‘fake’ — including the Free Thought Project.

After their attempt to weaponize news blew up in their face in the form of a myriad of cease and desist letters, and the resultant shit show spawning from mainstream media referring to each other as ‘fake news,’ the Washington post then attempted to take the high ground and “retire the tainted term ‘fake news.’”

However, it was too late. After being caught peddling their own ‘Fake News,’ the term was co-opted by those calling out the mainstream media for their blatant lies and disinformation. Donald Trump even jumped on board.

Of course, the term ‘Fake News’ has become so bastardized that it essentially lost what little substance it ever had. On the right, Trump has no problem labeling everything critical of him as fake news, while on the left we see the same scenario unfolding with Media Matters and the like.

The reality is that corporate media and the establishment have been lying to the people for so long that the public has no idea what to believe…

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