While the United States has strict laws forbidding giving to terrorist organizations, laws that became far more strict after the falling of the World Trade Center Towers, HAMAS has managed to find some gray area to operate in and to remain somewhat acknowledged as a legitimate organization. It is as if HAMAS has been given by the world its very own state of purgatory where they are (for reasons unknown) somehow not as hellishly evil when they blow up children as when say, ISIS does it.

Just as those who began laughing at the idea that America would turn a blind eye to HAMAS aiding, let us end the mocking by calling to mind how the group called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (which is based in Illinois and supports HAMAS) are involved heavily with the hateful American Muslims for Palestine who are tied to groups that have raised $12.4 million for HAMAS. How many people have died because that money was given?

With this known, how few are in prison or deported today for having been the cause of it? For that matter, the U.S. under the leadership(?) of President Obama gave $11 billion  to groups in nation states that supported HAMAS. America trusted states like Qatar to not use HAMAS for anything but to fight ISIS and they agreed, laughed, and are now helping ISIS. Anyone still laughing…?


For a rather long time, both John Kerry and Obama were fond of claiming that there was no direct link between America’s help and any outright ISIS terror. To paraphrase, “Fear not, Americans. Sure, a few of the moderates that we trusted were not so moderate, but we did not fund terror on purpose. Also, ISIS is not the same as HAMAS, even though both spread terror. HAMAS spreads terror and fights against ISIS so we support HAMAS who will never hurt us. Sleep well and goodnight.”

The trouble with this is that, even if not done on purpose (and to be honest, would anyone be surprised?), the people shouting about the greatness of god before hacking people to death are still getting money and weapons. To start with, when ISIS wins a battle against someone whom America has funded – which happens since nations like Iran and Qatar fund terror and will often strengthen them before the battle – they steal the weapons and the money. America has been passing out both money and weapons like Tic-Tacs to some groups that really are against ISIS and who fought bravely, but sadly, they lost. Just because a group is sincere does not mean that we should fund them on that merit alone, or as even as a primary driving reason because to lose the battle, means to lose the weapons.


The trouble worsens when we remember that many groups were NOT sincere and they only took the training long enough to get the weapons and show other terrorists how U.S. forces operate. Many times a handful of these terrorist elements would infiltrate an otherwise honest group and also lead them to peril. All of this now comes to a head as we learn that despite what Obama has said about ISIS not being HAMAS, those who have long said otherwise have today been vindicated. We have learned that excellently trained elements within HAMAS have now traveled to Egypt to join ISIS and that they have taken their best bomb makers with them.

This is bad news of the most serious proportions for Egypt, which has seen a large number of terror attacks already from ISIS. They have had their ancient relics, pyramids, and even their very lives threatened. They are a nation that has been working with America to fight terror for quite some time with only varying degrees of success. This latest development will only make things even more tense than they already had been in the land of the Pharaohs moving forward.


This is bad news for Israel, too, because HAMAS has been attacking Israel from the Gaza Strip since Israel was baited into giving up the land to HAMAS/Palestinians in return for peace. Rather than a state of peace, Israel is in a state of pieces having seen nothing but violence, bloodshed, and broken promises from those Palestinians who has sworn to end such actions once Gaza was obtained. Israel is still being asked to give up even more land as well as to dictate to Donald Trump where he, as president, wishes to put an embassy.

In all of this, the most ironic part is that ISIS joining officially with HAMAS is only going to make it less likely that Israel is going to allow itself to surrender more land now that two groups that chant for their death are on the same team. That seems to be the reoccurring theme with these bandits flying black flags, they never learn from past mistakes and thankfully, they have no sense of strategy. They are (thank God) too blind to not admit such a force until it is uncovered or their mission (of killing Jews, other Arabs, Asians, Germans, Americans….) is accomplished and the only ones still living pray facing eastward. No, instead they brag and alert the world.


Perhaps the two of them on one side is not such a bad thing for the civilized world because at least now we have one target. They may not all huddle together like rabbits (or pigs), but they will share cables, emails, and communications between them. More terrorists united may mean more firepower and a few headlines to further their terror cause, but it also means more chances for errors, leaks, etc. ISIS likely does not do things just like HAMAS does them, and since there is not exactly a way that they can hold a conference where they all show up (that would be nice) and discuss protocol. As such, errors will be made more frequently and hopefully, a prudent Trump driven intelligence team will sniff it out every single time that it happens.

The West can not stop evil from joining evil, but we certainly can stop funding it. This is one of the main reasons that Hillary Clinton was kept from the White House by the American voters. Now that even Syrian president Assad is warning America about the evils that are in the region and what they wish to do, Trump needs to use this new teaming up of HAMAS and ISIS against them before they can conspire to use it against Americans. The only thing that they are doing is proving Trump correct every day. We have always known that we have only one radical Islamic enemy no matter what names they choose to use, this just highlights how right we were all along.

Sorry, Hillary.