Sessions repealing Obama rule

Former President Barack Obama had some of the worst policies that have ever been implemented in the United States. Everything from his ObamaCare health law to his constant gun regulations was met with opposition and dissatisfaction. Liberals celebrated his accomplishments nonetheless because it fit with their political ideology.

One of the less discussed Obama regulations had to deal with transgenders and bathrooms. Ever the activist for LGBT issues, President Obama put measures into play to change the entire country and force schools to create transgender bathroom facilities.

Needless to say, it was an order that has been fought against. Regardless of your personal opinion on transgenders and bathrooms, President Obama tried to force his ruling in the schools of everyone imaginable. Thankfully the election of Donald Trump as President has changed that. Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has already had actions to remove that order.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the newly instated Attorney General has shown some early signs of moving away from the Obama administration’s initiative to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender, which they identify.

On Friday, a court filing from Justice Department lawyers withdrew a request that was made last year by the Obama Administration. That specific request was in response to a judge’s ruling in a lawsuit that challenged federal guidance to states that were accommodating transgender students.

The guidance, which President Obama issued last May, said that transgender students are protected under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. It’s a federal law that bars discrimination in education based on sex at schools that are accepting federal money.

The filing, which was in the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, comes from a lawsuit that was filed by Texas and a group of 12 other states that were opposed to the memo. If the early signs are correct, then Sessions is going to do away with that initiative, marking yet another Obama regulation that has bitten the dust under Trump.

A district court judge in August had temporarily blocked the directive. After that occurred, Obama tried to limit the scope of the court’s ruling to only apply to those states that are pushing the appeal. Upon doing that, the transgender-rights guidance would have remained in effect in the rest of the country.

With that, a group of 12 states, as well as the District of Columbia had sided with the former president and said that they wanted the directive to apply to them. Considering that the group did that, it applied to the rest of the country.

The Friday filing said that the Justice Department is no longer wishing to limit the ruling and that, “The parties are currently considering how best to proceed in this appeal.” As of right now, it’s unclear whether the Trump administration will stop defending the directive or not.

However this does mark another victory for the Trump administration. Plenty of Obama’s orders were not sitting well with Republicans. Now that Obama is out of the White House, real change can be implemented into the country.


Not everyone is thrilled with the ruling however. Naturally, gay-rights advocates were upset with the ruling and claimed that it’s a sign of things to come.

Sarah Warbelow, a legal director for Human Rights Campaign, which is an LGBTQ-rights organization, released a statement. In it, she said, “What we can infer from it is that the Department of Justice and Trump administration are unlikely to robustly pursue rights for transgender people.”

While that might be true, why do they have to go hard to advocate for these rights? For that matter, why do schools have to give an entire bathroom devoted to less than one percent of the population? That is among one of the worst ways to spend federal money, and that is saying a lot coming from the former spender-in-chief.

Furthermore, why is it that LGBT activists demand that people in power cater to their every whim? Believe it or not, there are more pressing matters to attend to rather than if you can use a bathroom that you want to. The sooner that these people understand that, the sooner we can heal the nation.

Around the nation there are more and more transgender rules appointed by Obama that are being repealed. At one point, Obama’s transgender rule was repealed by the court system. No matter what Obama did to try and sneak a ruling in, the courts were there to make sure he didn’t overstep his boundaries.

Of course the transgender community has more to deal with. During that women’s march that was occurring the day after the presidential election, some transgender individuals attempted to participate. However they started complaining that the women’s march discriminated against them, saying that they were not “real” women.

Share this article to show that another one of Obama’s rules is hitting the shredder as Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken the first steps to getting rid of the ruling. If this is the start of anything, it means that we should expect more of these rulings to occur. America is getting ready to win again!