The media luminaries have gone crazy

Media Lose Minds Over Real News Questions at Trump-Trudeau Press Conference

Matthew Boyle | Breitbart

The media luminaries have gone crazy after four journalists asked a series of legitimate questions about major international issues like immigration, national security, and trade policy of President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a joint press conference on Monday.

Media figures are furious that the journalists asked about real issues affecting people in both countries—the United States and Canada—rather than parroting the same anti-Trump narrative about National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn that the media have been pushing all weekend.

Both leaders, Trump and Trudeau, called on two different journalists from their countries in the press conference. Trump called on Scott Thuman of ABC 7 in Washington—a Sinclair broadcasting affiliate—and Kaitlan Collins, The Daily Caller’s White House reporter.

If someone were to be monitoring any legacy establishment media outlets throughout the day on Monday, none of those completely legitimate and newsworthy questions that were asked at the White House on Monday were of significance. In fact, the media as a whole has lost the plot—and lost their minds—since Collins, MacCharles, Thuman, and Latendresse did not ask about the Flynn story and instead focused on important and, presumably, newsworthy issues like trade, immigration, refugees, the economy, and national security.

Many establishment media figures bashed the four reporters for asking the legitimate questions.