Welfare fraud

The Muslim refugee crisis that is currently occurring in Europe has been highly publicized, thanks to Germany accepting every single “refugee” that they can. For that reason, it has also been a highly criticized move, and for good reason at that.

Germany has seen several terrorist attacks from “refugees” that they accepted, laziness on a previously unforeseen level, and a massive blowback from the general public on Chancellor Angela Merkel refusing to change their stance. These refugees have been nothing but a burden for the natural citizens, and it is getting worse.

Refugees that are accepted, which seem like all of them, are doing whatever they want without thinking about the repercussions. That has caused the Merkel government to do what they could to stop negative coverage of their “refugee” policy as elections are coming up. That is exactly the reason they fired a whistleblower for uncovering welfare fraud among refugees.


A worker of the Migrant Reception Agency in Lower Saxony was fired from her job after she uncovered approximately 300 cases of welfare fraud. Her agency had been making cash payments to “refugees” over a period of several months, and when she brought this up, was immediately let go from her job.

The Migrant Reception Agency had attempted to cover up the crimes by burying the evidence and promptly firing the worker. Only eight months are left until the country’s parliamentary election and Chancellor Merkel would like to see negative media coverage on their “refugee policy” disappear.

Of course the way that the refugees would get these fraud payments is by fake IDs. The Christmas market attack in Berlin uncovered that the attacker had at least 14 different IDs. He was getting welfare payments under several of those false IDs as well. Essentially German authorities have such a relaxed attitude about providing welfare for these refugees, they don’t check to see if fraud is occurring.

According to the German language newspaper Kronen Zeitung:

“According to [German broadcaster] NDR, the employee was hired in the city of Braunschweig as a response to the refugee crisis by the State Refugee Reception Agency (LBA), and assigned with the task of registering asylum seekers. She handed out payment vouchers and pocket money to the refugees as part of her assignments. In course of time she noticed that many refugees had been registered multiple times and had multiple identities, which enabled them to get benefits payments Some fraudulent refugees had double entries, other had 2, 3, 4 or even 6 entries.”

Like any good employee would, she notified her superiors and wanted to hand the cases over to the police. Unfortunately the boss decided to drag the situation out. “They instructed me not to talk to anyone in this regards, I was told to put the files in the basement. I didn’t want to do that.”

That’s not suspicious at all. The agency appeared to want to cover up the welfare fraud that was occurring. Why else would the boss tell the employee to not talk to anyone and put the files in the basement? It’s because they were trying to cover up negative news about the refugee crisis.

According to Islamist theology, it is completely legitimate to live off of the fruits of non-believers hard work. In the 1400 year history of Islam, non-believers were subjugated and levied with heavy taxes, or “Jizyah.” The Islamic State reintroduced that measure in areas that they control.

Some Islamist theologians have already said that the nations of the West are conquered Islamic territory ripe to impose Jizyah. In fact, 2013 saw the UK’s prominent Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary urge his followers to claim “Jihad Seeker’s Allowance” and the expense of British taxpayers.

“The rest of the year they were busy with jihad [holy war] and things like that. People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working.’ But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar [non-believers]. So we take Jihad Seeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.”

According to recent estimates, Chancellor Merkel’s horrible decision to allow so many refugees in the country will cost German taxpayers approximately $1.6 trillion. That is a disgusting amount of money that is going to be paid out to 1.1 million refugees. If they keep this up, the country will go broke.

It’s astounding that the Democrats of the nation wanted to accept as many refugees as possible. Despite all that was going on in Germany, they wanted to accept more and more. We’re already broke as a nation; why would we accept more people to give money to?

This burden could be lessened if the refugees would actually get jobs and help themselves out. Naturally they have refused to accept all the jobs that were offered or extended to them. They gave the excuse that they were guests of Allah and that they shouldn’t have to work.

Share this article to show everyone that an employee that was just trying to do her job was fired because it would be giving negative news on the refugee policy. Elections are eight months away. It’s time to take back your country Germans!