Source:  Horn News

The Democratic party has swung very far to the left over the past five years. It is lost and out-of-touch, and relies entirely on identity politics — not facts — to rally voters.

Folks, that’s not a Republican talking.

That’s from former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb, who Sunday began speaking out against unhinged liberals on NBC’s “Meet the Press” — and how his party has become a mess.

According to data, Webb is right. The general public’s opinion of the Democratic Party has plunged since the 2016 election.

Immediately following the presidential election, 43.2% of Americans viewed Democrats favorably, The Huffington Post reported. Since then, a series of riots and mayhem committed by liberals has stained the public’s opinion of their party. Only 38.5% of Americans currently view Democrats favorably, their lowest level in years.

“When you can’t have a Jefferson-Jackson dinner, which was a primary celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years, because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders,” Webb said it’s a real problem. “They were also great Americans in their day. Something different has happened to the Democratic Party.”

Democrats, Webb says, are lacking discipline heading towards the 2018 election — and that could hurt them big time at the polls.

Webb says Democrats have “lost the key part of their base,” and their message is “shaped toward identity politics” too much to win.

“You’ve lost white working people. You’ve lost flyover land, and you saw in this election what happens when people get frustrated enough that they say, ‘I’m not going to take this,’” Webb told host Chuck Todd.

“The Democratic Party’s got to do some real hard looks on whether or not they are going to expand and get back working people who used to be the core of their party.”