For months, even when facts have proven otherwise, the Democrats have been hard at work trying to find a way to craft the now heavily proven lie that president Donald Trump is somehow tied to Russia or Putin.  Even now that the rumor has been put firmly to rest, the radical left keeps finding new and ‘un-creative’ ways bring it up. The talk has taken our nation that was already walking towards World War Three with Russia and accelerated it to that of a steady jog, it has created unneeded doubt upon a new president before the eyes of the world, and for what? For it to come to be learned that president Obama was doing the exact same kinds of deeds to Russia that he had accused Putin/Trump of.

Wikileaks, one of the most honest sites on the internet when it comes to information that is gathered prior to or apart  from major news releases, has just released information that shows president Obama “targeted for infiltration” by the CIA via digital spy programs called “HUMINT” and “SIGNET” every major political party in France. The CIA released three tasking orders that looked to gather by illegal means data on the French Socialist Party, Union for a Popular Movement, and the National Front. French president Francois Hollande, just like Obama was caught doing against Angela Merkel, was targeted for such spying as was Nicolas Sarkozy.


Former candidates Martine Aubry and Dominique Strauss-Khan were also on the list of people to be attacked in the spying as was current leader of the French election, Marine Le Pen. Le Pen can be thought of as a “France First” version of Donald Trump and someone whom many people believe would work exceptionally well with the president. Considering that the Socialist Party is also on the list, which of course if the polar opposite of Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen, the scope of the spying range is nothing short of panoramic. Obama has literally nosed his way into every political party that had even the faintest chance of winning or showing a strong force within France.

The sting of the hypocrisy is even more agonizing when one remembers that France is, of course, an American ally. They are a nation that would be speaking German today if not for America, and the U.S. bond has always been very close with that nation. For Obama to risk international relations and potentially war with Russia because he is accusing a nation that while in a state Cold War with America of doing what he just did to an ally is nothing short of criminal. While the world nor the United States people are going to be very surprised that such unapologetic actions could come from the Obama considering his past disrespect for decorum, the full weight of the deed can not be simply brushed aside.

Edward Snowden has given his whole life and his American freedom to alert everyone who would listen that America was doing the kinds of things to nations that are our friends that would be considered somewhat shady in even a time of war with an advisory. While spying has always occurred and it would be outlandish to even hope that no spying is going to happen with Trump in the White House, to the degree that Obama has again done it to a nation such as France is really to push the notion too far. Even more, for Obama to then watch the Democrats go and attack Trump for a connection that – if they had that kind of hacking power – they had to have known was false in an effort to defame and diminish Trump’s triumphant start can and should be considered traitorous. Obama quite likely tipped the election in France just like he accuses Putin of doing…which Putin didn’t!

The media made a lot new out of “the letter” that Trump said was “heartfelt and private” which, while all presidents leave these letters to incoming leaders, the fact that Obama had allowed this to happen makes one wonder very much if anything that was read as “heartfelt” was anything of the kind. The more that we learn about what it is that actually drives the Democrats the more obvious it becomes that progress, unity, a strong economy, and at least a slightly more honest political landscape on not high on the list of Democratic goals. Obama has shown that bringing Trump down and destroying his base of voters that have with such bravery simply stood up for the Constitution is far more important that letting the people learn the truth.

The truth is that the Democrats lost. Putin did not help Donald Trump win the White House any more than Mickey Mouse did. The truth seems to be screaming that not only does Trump not have any ties whatsoever with Russia or Vladimir Putin, but Putin just wants NATO weapons to get the hell of off his border. He does not care if Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are in office. He just wants to know that American weapons are not going to be coming to bring his nation to a terrible demise such as was seen in Libya and what would have been in Syria.

The truth goes on to say that America elected Donald Trump, not Russia. Trump was elected because he was someone who would stop the TPP (done), reform or replace NAFTA (being done), fight the lie of global warming (also being done), and even work to fix our relationship with Russia. The Democrats are making that all but impossible because, thanks to what Obama has done with weapons making Putin so terribly claustrophobic, Russia is going to be less likely to trust the next “Reagan promise” coming from Trump. With America slandering Putin before Trump can even properly meet the man, what good is the Democrat Party doing us?

The Democrats have got to to see this kind of undercutting of a sitting president come to an end. It is surprising, that even in a divided nation such as we have, that the Democrat voters would not themselves stand up and say “enough is enough” when it comes to undermining our chances at peace with Russia and now, it seems, even France.