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Liberal Journalist Explains Why the Democratic Party has ‘Collapsed as a National Political Force’ [VIDEO]


Philip Hodges

Glenn Greenwald may be liberal, but he’s never shied away from criticizing the Democratic Party or its PR department the media.

In a piece he wrote for The InterceptGreenwald shows how the Democratic Party has collapsed and is still refusing to do any self-criticism in order to correct its plethora of problems.

Instead of performing an ‘autopsy’ on their party, they still drone on about Russia this, Russia that, the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, and they still call Trump all the things they did during the campaign. In other words, nothing’s really changed from their perspective, and the fact that they’re not willing to do any soul-searching means the Party is doomed. Unless they sober up from their rage addiction and change course.

In his article, Greenwald pointed out how former Labor Secretary Tom Perez – who’s also in the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee – had a brief moment of honesty when it came to the Democratic Party, and he was skewered for his assessment by Hillary Clinton supporters. Here’s what he said publicly:

“We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it. That’s why we need a chair who is transparent.”

After he was attacked by supporters of Hillary Clinton, he quickly apologized and got back on the straight and narrow talking points.

Greenwald also talked about the Democratic Party continuing to favor rich, out-of-touch people to lead in both Houses:  “The party’s steadfast refusal to change course even in symbolic ways — We hereby elevate by acclamation Chuck “Wall Street” Schumer and re-install Nancy “I’m a multimillionaire and we are capitalists” Pelosi — bodes very poorly for its future success.”

Here’s Tucker Carlson’s interview with Glenn Greenwald:

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