Williams was fired over fake news in 2015

Discredited Brian Williams: Trump Trying to Discredit Media!

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President Donald Trump is trying to discredit the media, according to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who discredited himself over a fake news story during the Iraq War.

“The press provided basically the most essential task that the Founders intended for us to do, which was, we outed a public official, who was lying to the public, about the nature of his contacts about what many would define as a hostile foreign power,” Williams claimed on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour. “That is the most basic function of a free press in this — in our society, and the president’s response to that was to have a semi-meltdown, and to accuse us all of purveying fake news, when in fact, his own actions, which were to fire General Flynn, proved that that news was spot on.”

“It was 100% accurate.”

Williams was fired from NBC in 2015 for falsely claiming he was riding in a helicopter that was shot down by RPG fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The incident was the very definition of “fake news,” yet Williams peddled his lie during public appearances and on NBC for years until veterans who accompanied him on the trip spoke out publicly.

“Williams is not a journalist; he’s a performer,” said veteran journalist Michael Wolff. “Nobody does any reporting — it’s the evening news, for goodness’ sake.”

And despite the controversy, Williams still warned viewers about the “booming business of fake news” during a MSNBC segment in December.

“And lately there’s been a lot of coverage in the real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news,” he said. “…Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience.”

Of course, Williams. MSNBC decided to hire you after NBC fired you over fake news.