There are some things that a parent is supposed to teach a child while they are raising them. The facts about the “birds and the bees” would be one such important talk, as would the idea of not quitting one job (or working to get one’s self fired) before another job is secured. Either Fox News’ Sheppard Smith grew up in a family that did not ever mention that particular fact around the dinner table or Smith has a new gig lined up, because viewers are quite unhappy over his coverage of the president, and are calling for his head.

While Smith could be forgiven for sticking up for the fact that Trump said that Fox under-reported Islamic terror attacks (a truth, but one that he was quite entitled to contest), but this bonehead condemned Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for saying that “all lives matter,” suggesting that to Smith, maybe they don’t. Shep’ has managed to show himself to be on the false narrative crowd who’ve suggested that the populist Trump was like the “fascist” Hitler, a name that Smith to used describe Trump after a debate with Hillary Clinton.


While freedom of the press should protect Smith in every possible way, to speak outright lies and to do so without reason and with great malice is something that can (and some say should lead) to him being fired from Fox. This is because Fox is losing in the ratings game over this man, something that did not even happen with left loon Combs when he was with Hannity. Perhaps Sheppard Smith will have a remarkable career at CNN or sitting next to Racheal Maddow, but as for Fox, it can not be imagined that he will be there for very much longer. Tweets (like the one  pasted below) will likely see to it.

“@FoxNew How do you keep Shepard Smith? He called POTUS a liar 3x today. BOYCOTT Shepard Smith’s SHOW…please Retweet,” @algarrow added.

This is not because the Trump train is full of passengers who can not allow discourse, for if Smith had said that he felt that Trump was wrong, perhaps even made a PowerPoint Presentation to drive his point home, then he could have walked away from this with victory in the air. However, by crying wolf so many times and by calling Donald Trump a fascist or any of the other rootless claims that have spilled from his mouth, no one is willing to listen to him any longer.


This is what has happened to the mainstream media as a whole. They have lied about being shot at, been caught staging war footage that never happened, reporting on fake chemical attacks, and doing everything in their power to uproot the entire presidency of Donald Trump. Even the establishment Democrats and Republicans have allowed the media to become part of the socialist and anti-Constitutional force that is ruining every aspect of American life, not simply reporting the news. Our living rooms are full of reports about Trump and Russian ladies of the night while the real news that Putin and Trump may actually get along is dampened.

The people who voted for Donald Trump are not forgetting that we were called bigots, sexists, homophobic, violent, fascist, and clueless since the day that we pounded the “TRUMP” sign into our front yards. Knowing that none of what was said about the movement was true, becoming aware that what they reported on Trump was not true (unless it hurt him), and seeing that his rallies were not the battlefields reported upon unless attacked by the left, there is no other outcome that can be reached other than to distrust the major news outlets. When such lies are told then there is no way to ever again gain that trust back.

The bigger problem here is that we are witnessing the purposeful undermining of a sitting president. To say that Trump’s travel ban was “mean” to refugees in need, if one feels that way as a journalist or reporter, is fine. To say that it is a “Muslim” ban is NOT fine because it is not factual in any way. It may be legal to say it, but it is dishonest, and it will cost a journalist their job. The same thing applies to anyone in the media who wants to say that Donald Trump is crude in how he talks based on comments about grabbing certain areas when flirting; that is fair. However, to suggest that Trump has dealings with prostitutes and to include Russia’s leader in the tale is not only unfair, but completely liable.

It will be interesting to see just how long Sheppard Smith will remain at his post on Fox. If he is sent packing, it will be interesting in the same way to see where he ends up, if anywhere. He may find that he is not welcomed at any network because he has proven himself dishonest and hateful. The alphabet soup of CNN, ABC, NBC, etc all LOVE when Trump is attacked by even fake news and lies, but they are a bit less likely to hire known liars from other networks. They tend to be quite partial to their own liars, as shown by how Megyn Kelly got far less in offers than she ever imagined possible.

That may be because America is wanting more than a (very) pretty face mixed with a (very) sour attitude that asks pointed questions just to slander a man. It has, surely, a lot to do with those who care enough to watch the news being so fed up with reporting and journalism that is not only biased (which is permissible when not “just” reporting facts), but outright deceitful and unbecoming. There is no other way to put it, and the mainstream media had better get the memo and tweets. They had better read the editorials and see the ever declining viewership as a sign that America is tuning out.

It was leftwing favorite Michael Moore who said that voters for Trump were voting for a major shifting in the system more than for Trump. For some that may have been true, but to whatever degree it was, it was a result of people like Moore and his Democratic/Green Party socialists on the left who are to blame. Moore may have figured this fact out, and if so, he had better call Smith pretty quickly with the news, because time seems to be running out.

Tick tock, tick tock…