Austin school board members are sworn to uphold the law not violate it by teaching kids to resist ICE.

It is not enough that Austin, Texas has a rogue sheriff that refuses to arrest illegal immigrants, which resulted in the loss of a huge chunk of funding from the state. Now it seems progressives are further testing Texas Governor Abbott, by creating what may be the first “sanctuary” school district.

Though strictly forbidden by school policy and state law, the teachers union there is using their might and influence to drive a campaign to teach students how to resist ICE arrests. Teachers on paid time during school hours are passing out pamphlets and teaching students “to stay quiet” and don’t “answer the door” should ICE agents come to their homes, according to The Blaze.

The report originated with a story in the Austin American Statesman, which gives only the political viewpoint in favoring “sanctuary” status for those in the country illegally. The teachers union, Educate Austin, held a press conference surrounded by educators and administrators from the school district announcing the program to “educate” their support of illegal immigrants and in direct defiance of a warning letter from the school district’s attorney.

The official memo to principals and teachers read:

“An employee, staff member, teacher, or administrator may not speak to political affiliation, views, protests, advocacy or other controversial issues or topics that may arise while on district property, whether that is in a classroom or in an administrative building, working as a district employee, or using district resources.”

The illegal action of teachers and the union backing them is the result of “Operation Cross Check;” a routine round-up of illegals in Austin that netted 51 violators and 23 having serious criminal records including acts of violence

Is this the role teachers are supposed to play in the daily lives of our children? Nine months out of the year, teachers have more waking hours every week than parents. Their influence is greatly absorbed by children and the adults they eventually become.

Do we want the education system teaching children that it is “ok” to violate laws, simply because they don’t agree? Should children be taught harboring criminals is acceptable? Should children be brought into adult disagreements which affect law and social order that affects all legal citizens? Are the children of Austin being used as pawns in a much larger agenda?

According to Educate Austin and teachers actively participating in the illegal activity the answer is yes.

Staging a press conference on school grounds outside of Lanier High School, Educate Austin trustees Jayme Mathias, Paul Saldaña and Ann Teich openly made their illegal activities known:

“We are in a difficult position for our students, our families and our staff,” Teich said. “Many of our immigrant students are operating in and out of school in an atmosphere of fear. Their learning is impacted because of this fear… it is the responsibility of trustees and all AISD staff to ensure that hate does not dominate the lives of our students. To that end, I believe it is the responsibility of trustees and all of our staff to ensure our students and their families are equipped with the information that combats bullying, hate and fear.”

Bullying, hate, fear? How are ICE agents sworn to oath to perform their duties within the law bullying? How is it well-trained officers in law enforcement arresting those suspected of breaking federal and state laws promoting hate and fear?

If there are any instances of bullying, hateful acts in violation of the law by any officer in law enforcement, then Educate Austin should hand their “evidence” to the proper authorities. If there is bullying occurring on school grounds then address the unacceptable behaviors through the school district and the parents.

But that is not the case in this situation. Educate Austin has not shared one piece of evidence that either is occurring. Their agenda is about a progressive liberalist view of the world in which all nations will no longer exist as separate entities bound by their own laws. All governance will be handed over the United Nations which will be led by a few elitists whose in goal is a global society and one world government.

An agenda funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and its spider web of off shooting “nonprofit” agencies. It is vital all readers research this maniacal genius and his activities throughout the world.

The illegal activities of Educate Austin and those participating in obstruction of law enforcement to carry out its legal and official duties. They should be arrested, charged and processed through court system as with anyone one breaking the law. But this highly unlikely to happen, given the strangle hold progressives have in Austin and Travis County and more specifically in the school district.

Not only do those running the school district have a progressive liberal agenda, they also are looking at the financial bottom line. They stand to lose money, and perhaps a great deal of money, should illegal immigration laws be fully enforced. Money that most of these liberals use to line their own pockets at the administrative and higher levels.

Teachers are just the enforcers of their “policies” and self-wealth agendas. They rarely reap the benefits of the massive corruption that exists in public education. The students pay the highest price for the poor education they are receiving and being the victims of indoctrination and propaganda poured daily into their young minds.

It is being suggested that the actions of Educate Austin is to put pressure on school board members to pass a policy that will protect illegal immigrants, making it a “sanctuary” district where illegals can find safe haven. It may very well be working considering the statement issued by board president, Kendall Pace:

“We have heard the concerns from our families and staff. We will continue to provide and update information for our campus staff to assist them in better serving our students,” declared Pace.


Due to decades of progressive idealism seeping into the public education system, the schools in the US are in shambles, with the national education system ranking near the bottom in rankings among industrialized countries. Student tests scores in those same rankings are embarrassing, ranking near the bottom as well, at no fault of their own. It appears the Austin school district is taking a stand to lead the charge for other school districts to become illegal “sanctuary” cities of their own; a spark that will quickly ignite into an out of control firestorm engulfing the nation if not doused quickly. Progressives liberals own the US Dept. Of Education and nearly every public education system in this country through their slow and patient usurpation over the years.

It is time to arrest those at Educate Austin immediately and shut this open act of illegal defiance down. To send a message nationwide that breaking the law and obstructionism will not be tolerated. There is a difference in peaceful public protest and law breaking activities.


This writer has a great deal of compassion and empathy for children of illegal immigrants. It is not their fault the parents chose to break the law. But it is no different than the children who unfortunately pay a high price when a parent breaks any other state of federal law. There are consequences that occur and children need to be taught those consequences, not indoctrinated with a belief that breaking laws is acceptable behavior in society.

This writer also has even more compassion and empathy for the children who are waiting in line with their parents to come to this country by using legal means of immigration. We don’t hear from the progressive left about those children?

Why? Because it doesn’t bode well for their “agenda.” It doesn’t help their causes of promoting chaos and disruption to the social order of the country. A chaos designed to crumble the United States and the foundation in which it was formed to bring in their own elitist vision.

Since the election President Trump, Governor Abbott has taken a strong stand in Texas by ordering law enforcement to perform their duties and enforce the law addressing illegal immigrants. And has proven if they refuse, such as in the case of the Travis County sheriff, there will be costly consequences.

For the sake of our children and our nation, lets pray Governor Abbott send a strong message to the Austin school district, one that will hopefully give other governors the courage to act as well.