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Education is among one of the most crucial aspects of life. While children might groan about how they don’t want to be in school or how they don’t like learning, it is something that they will grow to respect and cherish in the long run.

It opens up different avenues for solutions to be created for various problems that are guaranteed to arise in the real world. Without the carefully constructed education curriculums that are given to children, they would miss out on that opportunity.

However, when liberals and Democrats attempt to change the curriculum to fit their personal agendas that is when the situation turns dire. They attempt to shove their leftist ways onto our children in a thinly veiled attempt to create the next generation of progressive Democrats. This is evident by how they are teaching religion.

Seventh grade students in a New Jersey town were learning about Islam and everything that has to do with the religion. That’s acceptable, as long as they are teaching about the other religions of the world, which, naturally, they weren’t. The children were learning about Islam in a way that makes parents nervous.

Two parents, Nancy Geyer and Libby Hilsenrath, said that the social studies curriculum about Islam included two videos and various other materials that go deeper into Islamic practices, prayer and holidays. They even displayed the statement, “There is no God except Allah.”


Geyer then started to compare the curriculum in the seventh-grade World Cultures and Geography class with her son’s own experiences nearly three years ago back in fourth grade. She said a video presentation he had prepared wasn’t shown because had included a small quote from the Bible.

The reason that it wasn’t allowed was because it was proselytizing. Referencing one of the videos on Islam, Geyer said, “I call this proselytizing.” Considering that the school system wouldn’t allow a small Bible quote in a presentation three years ago, and now they are giving two videos on Islam with explicit statements, one would be inclined to agree.

She added, “When religion coming from the school itself is explored and taught, this is proselytizing.” It should also be noted that the school district policy doesn’t allow promotion of any religious belief or non-belief in the regular curriculum.

That makes it interesting to learn that the Middle East and North Africa section of the World Cultures and Geography class only talks about Islam, despite the fact that Christianity and Judaism are also prevalent religions in the area. If the curriculum were to be followed, then they would have to teach about the other religions.

Alas, that is not the case. Hilsenrath did note that Christianity and Judaism are discussed in some other classes, but “when it comes to teaching other religions to this level, it’s not done.”

Islamic leaders chanting loudly and calling for America to be punished over Aleppo.

Both mothers asked the board to review and look at the curriculum to either eliminate lessons on Islam and other religions, or change the name of the class to reflect its inclusion on religions. It’s a reasonable request.

The superintendent of the school, Michael LaSusa also said that board members could discuss the matter. However the district is unlikely to remove the study of Islam. They said that it was because the state’s core curriculum content standards include instruction about various religions all over the world.

If they are going to say that, then they should start teaching about other religions on the level that they are teaching Islam. If they are not going to do that, then they are in violation of the curriculum. They need to include the other religions if they are going to stay close to the curriculum.

LaSusa said, “All of our curricular materials and the resources that teachers select in concert with the supervisor are designed to further that mission of broadening the understanding of our pupils.” He noted that Christianity is discussed throughout the curriculum, specifically in the study of U.S. history.

However the Democrats are going to do what they can to change the curriculum to make sure that Islam is discussed with such a spin that they don’t include any of the violence that is discussed traditionally with Islam. They also don’t talk about how people with Islam have talked about destroying America, or how most suicide bombers blow themselves up by saying the Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great.”

Specifically, Detroit hosted a Nation of Islam gathering in which many members of this group gathered in one place. Louis Farrakhan was one of the featured speakers there and when he was walking up to the podium, thousands of thousands of people started to chant “Allahu Akbar.”

Radical Black Activist Louis Farrakhan has demanded reparations for slavery, though whites weren't the only slave owners

As a result of the violence that this religion brings, it has led some nations to institute a ban of the religion altogether. Austria decided that they were going to back President Donald Trump and started banning anything related to Islam in side the country. This was just the first step that occurred.

Share this article with everyone to show that liberals have hijacked the education curriculum yet again. They are teaching more and more about Islam and ignoring the other religions. They allow that, but a few years ago they wouldn’t allow one small Bible phrase to be in a video. It just goes to show, that if someone were to look up hypocrisy in the dictionary, they would most likely find a picture of a Democrat.