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The first month of President Donald Trump has been filled with executive orders, Democratic resistance to anything and everything Trump does, and one well publicized resigning. Nevertheless, the world continues to spin and Trump continues to put out orders that are fulfilling more and more of his campaign promises.

Despite the Democrats calls for impeachment, even though they have yet to find evidence calling for that, Trump continues to improve the country. Whether it is through orders that improve immigration reform, his decisions for his Cabinet members, or various other actions that have taken place, Trump continues to improve the nation one day at a time.

Even though he is improving the nation, there are people that still don’t agree with Trump for the mere fact that they don’t like him, or they were proud Hillary Clinton supporters during the days and months leading up to the election.

That is the case of the former CIA official that made a big deal about resigning, posting why in an op-ed published by The Washington Post on Monday. The now formal National Security Council spokesman, Edward Price, said that the reason for his decision had “nothing to do with politics.”

Instead, Price said that the reason for his decision was because of Trump’s “disturbing actions.” Price’s column, properly entitled “I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit, failed to mention one critical detail. He never once mentioned that he was a former donor to Hillary’s presidential campaign.

FEC records show that Price donated to Hillary for American back on August 21, 2016. He donated the full amount that he could, which was $2,700. That same day, he gave an additional $2,300 to the DNC’s “Hillary Victory Fund.” Right there, that is $5,000 donated in one day to the Hillary Clinton campaigns.

It should also be noted that Price is listed as a registered Democrat in the District of Columbia area. That of course means that he is going to be completely against anything and everything that Trump does. The fact that he donated $5,000 to Hillary conveniently escaped the post that he placed.

Just seeing the evidence like that makes it highly suspicious that this was a decision that “had nothing to do with politics” as Price has stated. With that being the case, it is increasingly evident that Price just couldn’t handle working for Trump while being an ardent supporter of Hillary.

“To be clear, my decision had nothing to do with politics, and I would have been proud to again work under a Republican administration open to intelligence analysis. I served with conviction under President George W. Bush some of whose policies I also found troubling, and I took part in programs that the Obama administration criticized and ended. As intelligence professionals, we’re taught to tune out politics. The river separating CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., from Washington might as well be a political moat. But this administration has flipped that dynamic on its head: The politicians are the ones tuning out the intelligence professionals,” Price wrote in his op-ed.

He might claim that it is a political moat, but that doesn’t stop the fact that this former analyst donated quite a bit of money to the Hillary Clinton foundations. He would be lying if he said that this didn’t contain a shred of political reasons. If he claims that this wasn’t political, then why did he omit the part where he donated money?

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Yes, people do not have to reveal whom they donated to, but in this case it seems particularly important since Price continues to claim that it wasn’t political. Not everyone has $5,000 just lying around to give. For that instance, it should be inferred if Price ever donated to the Barack Obama presidential funds back in 2008 and 2012.

Another reason that Price quit was because of the role of Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, and his role on the National Security Council. Price said that Bannon, once the former head of Breitbart News, “cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism.”

That sounds pretty political, as Trump did specifically choose Bannon’s role on the National Security Council. Despite Price’s claims that this wasn’t political, all the evidence points to the opposite. It’s just one less thing that Trump has to worry about.

Democrats have been increasingly political in their decisions as they seek to oppose Trump in every way they can. The best example of this is the fact that when Jeff Sessions was getting confirmed as Attorney General, the Democrats on the floor had refused to move until he was either denied or confirmed. Ultimately, it failed as Sessions was still confirmed.

These same Democrats also attempted to stop Trump’s travel ban that he had put into place. They have tried so desperately to stop the progress that Trump is making just because they don’t like the fact that he is targeting illegal immigrants and stopping potential terrorists from coming into the country.

Share this article with everyone to show him or her that the CIA analyst that quit because he didn’t like Trump’s “disturbing actions,” but conveniently left out the fact that he had donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign this past election cycle. If he really does claim that this wasn’t political, then why didn’t he acknowledge that before?