A committed Margaret Sanger believer, Planned Parenthood CEO has no problem ripping out near full-term babies and selling their "parts" to the highest bidder.

More than 50 million lives have been lost in the past several decades. Lost in a war not involving land disputes, oil or other resources which are usually at the root of conflict between countries.

No, these lives were tragically taken in a war right here on US soil. Lives that continue to be stolen from ever getting a chance to fulfill the purpose God had for them on earth. More that 50 million and counting ever since an overreaching U.S Supreme Court decided it had the right to determine whether or not a child in the womb could be simply “eliminated.”

A High Court of activist judges who completely ignored the Constitution and the rights of states to determine such matters as they handed down their decision in the now infamous Roe V. Wade.

Roe V. Wade's "Jane Roe" was Norma McCorvey who spent the rest of her life fighting against abortion and voicing her tearful regrets at having been used as a "pawn." She passed three days ago never to see the fateful ruling reversed.

But there is a movement to restore states’ rights, as the U.S House has passed a resolution stating just that; it should be up to the states when it comes to funding clinics who provide abortions.

Last week the U.S House not only chalked one up to further dismantle Planned Parenthood, but the action strengthens rights of states outlined into the 10th Amendment of the Constitution; rights the Obama administration and activists judges severely weakened by pushing the envelope in social engineering issues such as marriage, bathroom rights and abortion.

According to the Washington Examiner, voting 230-188, the House resolution returns to the states the decision as to whether or not federal money can be used to fund Planned Parenthood clinics. The resolution reverses a lame duck last minute midnight action Obama took at the very end of his term.

Obama’s executive ordered guaranteed millions of tax payer dollars would be routed to Planned Parenthood clinics requiring states to fund the abortion mills with Title X funding or lose federal money allocated under Title X that funds government health clinics and family support services. Planned Parenthood deceives about the services they provide as proven in the following video:

More than a dozen conservative states had passed state laws banning any federal or state tax money from being used for Planned Parenthood. Obama’s unconstitutional and overreaching executive order denied the states’ rights to make decision regarding family planning services that best serve the culture and communities within the state.

The resolution is designed to return those decisions back to the state and local governments where it belongs, according to Rep. Diane Black, (R-Tenn.).

“We are simply voting today to affirm the rights of states to fund healthcare providers that best suit their needs without fear of reprisal from their own federal government,” said Black.

Black added the bill is not only about abortion but more importantly about states’ rights and argued her point on the House Floor saying:

“With this resolution, we are letting states care for their citizens the best way they know.”

Some courts have upheld the state laws barring funds from Planned Parenthood, but after Obama’s executive order, those laws would have faced an uphill battle should one eventually land at the feet of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices’ feet.

“Republicans passed the resolution using its authority under the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn a rule from the executive branch that was finalized in the past 60 days’” wrote the Examiner.

The resolution will provide Republican leaders in conservative states some cover for pushing through bills cutting of Planned Parenthood and instead funneling the money to other free government health departments located in every county in the US and other free clinics who do not offer abortion services.


This resolution is seen a big win for both Pro-life movement and states’ rights proponents who are challenging many of Obama’s social engineering actions during his presidency, including his national “bathroom” choice executive order mandating public buildings including schools have to give transgender individuals their choice as to which bathroom, male or female, they wish to use.

Again, North Carolina has passed legislation defying Obama’s order and mandating men at birth with male genitals are required to use male facilities regardless of the gender they may “identify” as being emotionally. The same applies to women.

The southeastern coastal state game under a great deal of fire from elitists who used economic blackmail as a tactic to get NC lawmakers to change “their minds.” But as of a year later, lawmakers are standing strong and have refused to reverse the law.

Right after hosting the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas legislators introduced a similar law to NC and only days after one of the most exciting games and half-time shows in NFL history, the powers that be at helm of the football league issued the same despicable tactic; if the law passes then no more Super Bowls in Texas.

For too long now the federal government has usurped more and more authority from the states, stripping them of all power given to them Constitutionally, however, let us hope that trend will reverse and the vision of the Founding Fathers of these United States will be resurrected and the balance of government restored.

Abortion is only the first of a long line of issues which need to be turned back over to the states with the decisions being made by the legal voter and those whom they elect to represent their voices.

Planned Parenthoods heinous and evil acts have been funded by the tax payer for far too long and it needs to stop. Planned Parenthood is not about their “care” for women’s “health issues.” They are about abortions, and performing as many as they possibly can without any regard to health or true choice for women.

If they truly did care, they would provide adoption services as an alternative to abortion. They would provide pre-natal care and social services for those women who choose to have their babies. They would actually invest in mammography equipment and provide life-saving breast cancer screenings. They would not turn away a pregnant woman who is concerned there is something wrong with the baby. They would offer that woman an ultrasound.


None of these services does Planned Parenthood provide. Call and ask for yourself. Ask if they will help you find an adoption agency. Tell them you can’t afford a private ultrasound and can they check the baby for you. Inform them you found a lump on your breast and you would like them to give you a mammogram.

If Planned Parenthood does not provide any of these services that other government and nonprofit free clinics provide, then why is the tax payer funding them? That is a question that needs to be asked and answered.