Orange alligator spotted in South Carolina, nicknamed ‘Trump-A-Gator’

An orange alligator was spotted in Hanahan, S.C. Josh Zalabak at the South Carolina Aquarium says his orange color is not natural, and it might be caused by a variety of factors. In the meanwhile, neighbors have dubbed the him the “Trump-A-Gator.”

Video by WCBD via AP, Photo by AP

The turtles were found sunning themselves Wednesday afternoon on a rock by the 17th tee, near a spillway sourced from the Intracoastal Waterway.

“I think they’re Clemson fans,” one golf course employee said of the turtles.

Sheet metal underneath the spillway showed signs of rust. The turtles’ shells were also rust-crusted, the same source attributed to the orange alligator by a S.C. Department of Natural Resources official.

The Department of Natural Resources official said the alligator probably spent the winter in a rusty steel pipe, the same likely culprit responsible for rusty reptile anomaly at Myrtlewood.