John McCain is a man who seemed to really have a shot at the White House back in the late 1990’s. Many will recall that Rush Limbaugh called the rabid followers of McCain at the time “McCainiacs,” and warned that the man was a bit too left, even then. Undeterred, America foolishly elected him to run against Obama, something that should have gone to Ron Paul, a man who had a much more loyal base. Instead, McCain got the nod, lost the elections, and the aftermath was eight absolutely horrible years under Obama that has ruined healthcare, world trade, Russian relations, and even the nation of Libya.

McCain was able to milk a little bit of sympathy as he tried to con America into choosing him yet again to run on the GOP ticket (a truly terrifying prospect that would’ve set the Republican Party back 20 years, at least) and Donald Trump said that, while McCain was a war hero, he liked his war hero’s to have not been captured. It was a joke more than a sign of disrespect, but it was a bit harsh, to say the least. Still, McCain has been a man who had attacked Trump on a personal level prior to that statement, was rumored to have sold out his war buddies, and was even nicknamed, “Songbird” over it.


Not content to have failed in every attack that he has hurled against Trump (instead of just working with Trump and burying the hatchet as Rand Paul has), McCain has been one of the most vocal about the president having Russian ties, something that been disproven more than any other fake news item of the new year. Now it comes to be known that not only is McCain a sore loser, but he is also a hypocrite because we know from official papers that it was John McCain who was attempting to get Russian money, not Donald Trump. As always, McCain has managed to talk himself into a mess that only exposes more fully why America will never allow this vile man into the White House.

The “Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation” states that they have (had) received “a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his Presidential campaign,” says the correspondence. If this were not telling enough, there is even proof herein that Russia does NOT engage in such practices, as the second and final paragraph says, “In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the Permanent Mission of Russian Federation to the United States, or the Russian government do not finance political activity in foreign countries.” (bold added by author for emphasis)



This is really a massive news story because it shows that in 2008, long before Donald Trump was even whispered as a candidate with any serious tone, McCain was asking for Russian money. It makes one ask just what nations DID say “yes” to McCain’s request and just what they had wanted in return. More than that, it also shows that Russia does not and DID NOT EVEN ALMOST A DECADE AGO finance other nations campaigns. Not only has Russia not done it with Trump, they have no history of having ever done it in any American elections, if this paper is to be any indication of where Russia stands, or where they have long stood, on such matters.

This also will prove important in regards to what president Trump said at his news conference last week about it being harder to deal with Russia and Putin with those in the American media slandering “The Bear” with talks of sex acts, prostitutes, and hacks that have never happened. There are very real problems with Russia buzzing our ships and likely testing nuclear missiles in the Arctic, and none of those problems are made better by a lying media. How much worse then, a lying Senator? John McCain is yet another hate filled person who will put his selfish hatred of Trump against the progress of the nation, something that is assured to happen under Trump’s leadership.


McCain has claimed it was a computing error that lead to the money request, a point attempted to be proven by the lack of Churkins title on the top, but if someone was going to ask for money and then cover up a possible decline for aid, such an “error” would have been done on purpose prior to asking. John McCain thinks that everyone is as dulled down and mentally slow as he needs them to be in order for anyone to entertain the idea that this money request was anything but a real request. The only thing that we do not know is what McCain was willing to have given up in return. That must have been dependent upon the amount given, which since Russia proved more honest than many had imagined possible, we may never know.

We do know that John McCain has been seen in a large number of pictures posing with people who later became terrorists and enemies of America. We were told then too that the people were not terrorists at the time and that again, we should all just trust McCain because he was captured a long time ago and would never lie. Well, Mr. McCain, God knows that you deserve a special place in heaven as all who have stood by America in war do in theory, but that is not enough to get America to trust you when you have lied so many times. Every time it is an error or a misread; at no point are the words “I am sorry”, or “I made a mistake and was wrong,” ever said by the man.

Now that the “pin the tail on the Russian” game seems to be coming to a close, perhaps America and even the losers who still tag “NEVER TRUMP” as if they have any relevancy at all any longer can all get behind Trump so that the deals that need to be made with Russia can be achieved instead of talking about deals with Russia that never happened, something that John McCain knows about firsthand.