The Democrat press is aglow with news that “Mad Dog” Mattis is the latest on the Trump train to have some great revolt planned, this time in the realm of climate science. While the U.S. Defense Secretary is certainly embracing the idea of new sciences and technologies, some of which are quite “green,” this has more to do with progress, stability, and cost than with anything related to man-made climate change. We hate to break it to you Greens, but there is no man driven climate change, and Mattis knows this only too well.

Another thing that he knows is that fuel shortages lose battles and that lost battles can lead to a lost (or at least highly ineffective) war, should one arise. America can not produce enough oil after the sinful dismantling that our infrastructure and refineries in the name of combating global warming have occurred. Forces in the industry like Texas have been grossly neutered by a government that has crippled itself for a lie. America has chosen to rely on nations that promise to slit our throats rather than rely on ourselves and today it is clear why this idea was beyond flawed. Still, if Trump waved a magic wand and cranked up everything we have working, we could not produce the energy that we would need for quite some time until the refinery problem was fixed. That could take decades.


Therefore, Mattis supporting renewable fuel sources is no more a sign that he buys into the global climate change scam anymore than his celebrating Christmas would mean that he believes in Santa Claus. That is why Donald Trump has appointed correct-minded people like Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt has sued the agency on multiple cases where it was prudent to do so and with him at the helm, it will now be run as it should be – which is with the economy and real science in charge. The real science is showing NO GLOBAL WARMING IN nearly 19 YEARS!

That is why things like “Making the EPA Great Again,” a meeting held by the House of Representatives, is so promising to so many. It means that common sense and not global warming alarmism now direct America policy which has been needed for many decades. The climate change quacks are mortified and frozen with an all-encompassing terror that the stated goal of “process for evaluating and using science during its regulatory decision-making activities” would happen because science will prove that they have been a mislead cult of tax thieves and liars.


While such “experts” quake within their boots, the fact is that long before Donald Trump, the government has been looking for ways to better do things. While no coal plant is raising the climates temperature by even a little, while driving the family minivan is not warming anything, the combustion engine is not the most efficient machine that mankind can think up. To suggest that is to simply look preposterous. It also is not particularly healthy for the lungs, kidneys, or heart, though things like “clean coal” has done away with the old image of coal plants being as deadly in modern times.

Man does not have to be warming the planet for better ways to be found, a fact noted in 2005 by Mattis himself when he was commander of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command. At that time, he asked for more energy and fuel efficient methods, something that anyone attempting to win a war is going to request when the need arises.  In another instance, Mattis said that the Navy needed to “unleash us from the tether of fuel,” something that gained a lot of traction as a concept and goal within military circles.


Having far less to do with believing in the boogieman global warming and man’s supposed cause of it and everything to do with having faced many problems trying to get needed refueling operations complete while in a war, Mattis wants very much to see what is beyond the need to drill and refine. God willing, we will find technologies soon that will make us openly mock these dark ages of gasoline, but until then, there is no need to crash the economy and ruin progress for a lie. Mattis it a much needed gray area between global warming cult members and actual, needed breakthroughs…exactly what Trump had promised us.

The Democrats love to say that without outlandish and overreaching taxes, the carbon footprint of man will lead to his downfall, but there is simply no proof it. Oh, the left can isolate tiny sections of time to make it look like it is happening, but any good bookie could isolate a tiny section of time to show that the Cleveland Browns were an amazing football team, but is anyone going to bet serious money on them for opening day? Enough said.


What is scarier is that this is not even about the left’s love affair with one world government, which we all know by their own white papers and admissions is the end game, but it is about their hatred for America. The global warming crowd and the people trying to paint Mattis as one of their zombie parishioners are usually socialists, while America is a capitalist nation. What better way to destroy capitalism than by halting its energy progress and then claiming that capitalism caused it? This way they can tie the strongman’s hands, call the strongman a failed protector, and become the new strongman.

The American voter, as shown in their love and support for president Donald Trump, are tired of being held down for a myth while people like Al Gore proclaim with great gusto that the science is in and that the debate is over, because it is. The science is in showing that there is no warming and that the debate is over in circles where anyone with access to a simple data spread can prove it. The American voters know this, Donald Trump knows this, and Mattis certainly does, no matter what the progressive left is hoping to achieve by spinning it any other way.